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Application of dough mixer machine


Dough mixer machine in work, both mixer, and bowl revolve simultaneously, thus the mixing speed is greatly increased, and mixing effect is greatly improved. A safety cover or shield is equipped to install machines. All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel or steel with specially treated surfaces, which are endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygiene standard.H.Y Series Spiral Mixers are easy to operate and good looking. They are widely used for dough mixing work in bread bakery houses, hotels, restaurants, and company canteens.

Application of dough mixer machine

1. The dough mixer machine is used to mixing flour, and it is widely used in restaurants, bakery, pizza shops, factory and so on. This machine pastries for pizza houses, bakeries, and pastries.
2. This dough mixer machine is automatic and electric, you just need to put the water and the flour into it, and then turn on the power, after a few minutes, you can get the dough you need.

The product information of the dough mixer machine

1. Adopt high strength synchronous belt, triangle belt, and chain for transmission.
2. The space parts touching face are made of advanced stainless steel.
3. Double motions and double speeds can reach strong gluten by stirring slowly, it makes dough’s expansibility well.
4.Be extensively suitable for hotels,grogshops,bakeries,food factories,etc.

Advantage of the dough mixer machine

1. This dough mixer machine is applied to use for mixing the flour to the dough.
2. This series dough kneader machine adopts gear transmission, simple and compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and long-life service, etc.
3. The flour hopper adopts stainless steel materials and special surface treatment, absolutely conform to the hygiene standards.
4.Simple operation, safety, and health.
5. Save work, high efficiency, labor-saving.
6.The best choice for high output requirements.

Working principle of dough mixer machine

Flour, water, and additives under the action of the stirrer flip knead, stretching, squeezing, uniform flour mixed with water, and additives. Generally run about 4-10 minutes (different specifications are under different times), then the dough is ready to use.

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