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Application range and function of automatic filling machine


In recent years, as the national consumption level has been increasing year by year, the diversity of demand has emerged one after another. In order to meet the diverse needs of people, many manufacturers have launched different products to meet the needs of customers. The emergence of new products drives new fillings. Forms of filling equipment appeared. With the improvement of filling equipment technology, other packaging equipment has grown. Whether it is in terms of speed, accuracy, and stability, it can be more suitable for customers’ products. Therefore, manufacturers in almost all walks of life are using a fully automatic filling. The filling machine is packaging its own products, so with the increase of products, can the automatic filling machine meet these increasingly common products? Next, I will introduce the application scope and function of the automatic filling machine.

Application range and function of automatic filling machine

The automatic filling machine is one of the indispensable packaging equipment in various industries. Customers only need to put the materials and their own packaging bags or packaging films on the packaging equipment, and then adjust certain parameters to automatically pack the products.

The automatic filling machine can pack most of the products, whether it is products in the food, medicine, daily chemical industry, and other industries, it can be filled with a wide range of applications and can be applied to powders, powders, sauces, pastes, granules, Various types of materials such as solids are also very convenient when changing materials. You only need to replace the blanking part. For example, for packaging powder products, you only need to change the blanking part to the powder head. For pellets, you can change the blanking function to weighing or measuring cup blanking. For other types of materials, you only need to replace the corresponding blanking device.

Domestic filling machines have a professional division of labor, such as eye drops filling machines that produce eye drops, and spray filling machines that produce spray filling machines. This is part of the filling machine industry. Of course, some manufacturers can do all these liquid filling machines, and there are professional manufacturers of pillow wrapping machines, labeling machines, and capping machines in the packaging industry. The division of labor is conducive to the improvement of equipment performance and makes products better!


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