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Commercial Shredded Meat Cutting Machine

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Set/Sets (Min. Order) CN¥6,997.50 - CN¥17,493.75 / Set
Port: Shanghai/Qingdao Port
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month
Payments: Direct payment from an online Bank,Pay later,On line bank,Visa
Type: Meat Cutting Machine
Dimension: 510(L)*510(W)*780(H)(mm)
Weight: 90KG, 90KG
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant

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Basic Info.

With the rapid development of the food industry, Commercial shredded meat cutting machine has been widely used. The meat cutting machine adopts a double hob structure, which has two types of horizontal and vertical. The following introduces the use and operation process of the meat cutter.

How to use a meat cutting machine

Before using the meat cutting machine, please clean the meat cutting machine with warm water first, and don’t get the motor wet. When using a microtome, first turn on the motor to see if the blade is turned correctly. If the meat cutter is reversed, it should be corrected immediately. After use, first, turn off the power of the meat cutter, remove the removable part, wash it with hot water, and then install it. The price of the small meat cutter is low. Open the machine to shake the water, and then apply cooking oil. When you need to cut the shredded meat, cut the meat into slices first, and then cut the meat slices horizontally with a slicer.

Precautions for installation and use of meat cutting machine

1. Correctly install the power supply of the meat grinder: the correct installation of the meat cutter, before starting the machine, ensure that the power supply voltage is within the normal range. First, open the hopper, take out the parts loosely in the hopper mouth. Remove the ring, remove the grate, knife, knife shaft. Turn on the power, the meat cutter barrel, press the switch, see if the bottom of the rotating cylinder of the output shaft rotates clockwise. If yes, it indicates the correct installation. On the contrary, wrong. Replace the power phase sequence. Under the M6 ​​screw M8 or the “equipotential charged terminal” of this machine, a professional electrician shall follow the regulations of the ground. The grounding hole of the power socket or the power cord of the device should be solid green and yellow. The fixed-line must be equipped with an omnipolar disconnection, and the contactor cutoff interval is greater than or equal to 3mm electrodes.

2. How to correctly install the knife shaft, knife grate, and other accessories, whether the rotation direction of the torsion shaft is correct, install the hinge shaft, knife, grate, and mouth ring. Install the hinge shaft, it should be installed on the same output shaft with a long wedge tail long slot; the blade is installed forward on the hinge shaft at the front of the shaft; the hinge shaft on the front of the shaft is also installed in the grate, with the pin and a good upper ring The mouth of the barrel rotates. The ring was tightened back to the appropriate level, and the front meat started the normal operation of the machine.

3. How to adjust the use of the elastic machine V-belt, if the V-belt is found to be too loose or too tight, it should be stopped first. Open the vertical meat cutter under the Confucian electric box, loosen the nut to adjust the position of the motor, adjust it properly, and then lock the nut to use the desktop meat cutter; open the chassis, loosen the nut, and adjust the bolt, the nut is locked.

4. How to wash the machine must not be directly rinsed with water! Do not make electrical moisture! In order to avoid leakage, electric shock, or the impact of use. Unscrew the mouth ring, remove the grate, a knife and a hinge shaft, and reload after cleaning to prepare for the next use.

Precautions for the operation of meat cutting machine

1. The machine should be placed in a stable place, and the machine with wheels needs to lock the casters.
2. Make sure that there is no foreign material stuck in the material inlet of the machine, please connect the power supply and the ground wire according to the power supply instructions on the label.
3. When the machine is in operation, please do not apply your hand inside the machine.
4. After using the machine, be sure to cut off the power before disassembling and washing the machine.
5. The circuit part cannot be cleaned, please pay attention to sharp parts such as knives when removing and washing.


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