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Common failure analysis of vegetable seed grain planting machine


Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine The structure of the opener can be divided into a sharp angle (α<90°) opener and obtuse angle (α>90°) opener according to the soil angle. The sharp angle opener has a shovel type. , Arrow shovel type, wing shovel type, boat shovel type, and cores type, etc., obtuse angle openers include boot shoe type, sliding knife type, single disc type, and double-disc type. Ditcher and stubble-breaking and ditching soil working parts, including flat discs, gap discs, discs with limited depth wheels, wide corrugated discs, narrow corrugated discs, drive discs, narrow rotary tillers, chisel-shaped Shovel, narrow sharp angle opener, etc.

Common problems of vegetable seed grain planting machine

Uneven seeding rate: The reason for the uneven seeding rate of tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine is that the length of the blocking wheel on the opening of the seed metering device is inconsistent. Or the fixed bolts of the seed rate adjuster are loose, causing the seed rate to be larger and smaller. The method to solve this problem is: readjust the opening of the seed metering device; tighten the fixing bolts on the seed rate adjuster.

The fertilization square axis does not rotate: The reason for the non-rotation of the fertilization square axis is that the fertilizer is too wet or there are too many fertilizers, and the particles are too large to cause blockage, and the fertilizer cannot be smoothly applied to the soil. The elimination method is: clean up the spiral fertilizer device. Break up large pieces of fertilizer.

How to use vegetable seed grain planting machines correctly?

1. After the tractor-mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine is hooked up to the tractor, it should not be tilted, and the rack should be in a state of front and back when working.
2. Before the formal planting, first try to plant 10-20 meters in the field, observe the working condition of the planter, and then formally plant the plant after meeting the agronomic requirements.
3. Sowing the ground horizontally first, so as not to harden the ground and cause too shallow seeding depth.
4. When sowing, always observe the working conditions of the seed metering device, opener, cover device, and transmission mechanisms, such as blockage, clay, entanglement, and loose seed cover, eliminate it in time.
5. When the planter is working, it is strictly forbidden to reverse or make a sharp turn. The promotion or landing of the planter should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the parts.
6. During operation, the seeds in the seedbox shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox; when transporting or transferring the plot, the seed box must not contain seeds, let alone press other heavy objects.
7. Adjustments, repairs, lubrication, or clearing of tangled grass must be carried out after parking.

Common failure analysis of vegetable seed grain planting machine

Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine does not plant seeds. The main reason is that the transmission gears do not mesh or the square holes of the seeding gears on the seeding shaft head are worn out. It should be adjusted, repaired, or replaced.

Individual seed metering devices do not work because the seed racks or seed metering mouths in individual metering boxes are blocked by debris. Clean seeds should be replaced; the connecting pins of the seed metering shaft and individual metering sheaves are broken and should be replaced Pin; if the insert plate of the individual metering box is not opened, the insert plate should be pulled out.

Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine Intermittent seeding and uneven seeding. The reason is that the meshing gap of the transmission gear is too large and the gear is slipping, so it should be adjusted; the spring of the clutch is too weak and the gear is slipping. The spring should be adjusted or replaced.

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