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Device operation of corn threshing/maize sheller machine


Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine, the main working part is the rotor installed on the machine. Threshing by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the impact of the drum is currently widely used economical threshing equipment. It has many advantages such as small size, lightweight, easy installation, operation, maintenance, and high production efficiency. Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine is mainly composed of 5 parts: the screen cover (ie drum), rotor assembly, feeding device, frame, etc. The screen and the upper cover rotor assembly together form a threshing chamber and rotor assembly it is the main working part, and the threshing of corn is completed in the threshing chamber.

Main components of corn threshing/maize sheller machine

Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine main components: feed inlet, nail-tooth threshing drum shaft, grid concave plate, frame, and other parts.

1. Threshing part. The threshing part of the corn thresher is mainly composed of a nail-tooth drum, a grid type concave plate, and a semi-circular upper cover. The corn ears are threshed between the nail-tooth drum and the grid-shaped concave plate, and the removed corn kernels leak from the gap of the grid-shaped concave plate, fall onto the lower slide plate, and are discharged out of the body from the warehouse mouth. With the help of the spiral thrust and spiral guiding action of the spirally arranged spikes on the drum, the material is discharged from the other end of the inlet (ie, the outlet).

2. Feeding part. Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine the feeding port is connected with the upper cover part of the corn threshing machine. It is made of a one-centimeter thick iron plate. The feeding part is tangent to the nail tooth part of the nail tooth drum. The corn enters from the feed inlet and slides down to the threshing part, that is, between the spike drum and the grid type concave plate for threshing.

3. Screening part. The screening part of the corn thresher is mainly completed by the grid type concave plate. It is composed of a certain number of iron bars, two main beams, and two auxiliary beams. The gap between each two iron bars can jam the corn. Then the fast-rotating nail-tooth drum will forcibly thresh the jammed corn. Of course, the grid-type concave plate is fixed and immovable whether it is working or installing. After the corn is threshed, the corn kernels are passed through the grid-type concave plate, leaking from the gap of the concave plate, and slide out of the body along the inclined slide plate, in order to separate the corn from the corncob.

Device operation of corn threshing/maize sheller machine

1. Flatten the four feet of the equipment to ensure stability and firmness. To reduce the sensation.

2. If the electric motor is used as power, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, wrapped tightly, and installed the ground wire.

3. Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine feeds corn cobs evenly one after another, and the feeding amount should be suitable. Such as intermittent feeding, will affect the production power, too much feeding will cause the machine to jam and overload operation, which will lead to the burning of the motor and damage to the equipment.

4. The water content of the corn cobs to be threshed shall not exceed 20%, and the water content is too high to achieve the normal threshing effect.

5. Before the work is completed, the corn cobs are completely removed and discharged, and then the machine will stop at no load to prevent the machine from stopping under load.



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