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Excellent performance of mounted peanut picker machine


Society is constantly developing, and various agricultural mechanized products are constantly being developed. The middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine can save a lot of manpower when peanuts are harvested by farmers, which is very convenient to use. Many farmers are now equipped with peanut pickers, which greatly improves the efficiency of harvesting. The following describes the working principle of the peanut picker.

Working principle of mounted peanut picker machine

When using middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine to start a series of processing, the operation procedure is a key process. The basic operating principle of the peanut picker is to put the peanuts with stems and vines that have been excavated from the excavation into the peanut picker, and everyone will find that the operation procedures such as seedling separation, impurity removal, and fruit screening will eventually be completed. The peanut picker is mainly composed of a feed inlet, drum, concave grid, fan, vibrating screen, seedling outlet, and transmission device.

Peanuts generally enter the threshing chamber from the feed inlet. With the high-speed rotation of the spiked drum and the concave grid during the period, the peanuts fall off the seedlings and enter the separation chamber downward under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. The peanut seedlings are pushed to the exit of the seedlings and excluded from the machine. The peanut leaves, miscellaneous soil, etc. entering the separation chamber are generally blown out of the machine when they pass through the fan port. The peanuts fall into the vibrating screen and are sent to the outlet for storage. In this way, the processing of peanuts is much easier.

Excellent performance of mounted peanut picker machine

1. The structure design of the whole machine is scientific and reasonable, the motor driveability is strong, and the operation is safe and stable.
2. The stalk adsorption tape made of special material can completely separate the stalk sundries at one time during the operation process, with high efficiency.
3. The secondary sorting adopts the eccentric wheel swing sieve structure, which can further complete the separation of fruits and straws and achieve better sorting results.
4. The wet and dry peanut picker has a corner connector that can flexibly adjust the height and is equipped with guide wheels, which is more convenient for operation and transportation.
Middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine is not restricted by the degree of dryness and wetness of harvested fruits, and can independently adjust the degree of sorting, which is more automated and has more outstanding benefits.

Correct use of mounted peanut picker machine

1. Be sure to debug and check before use. Check whether the protective measures are complete and whether the link parts of each component are tight. Rotate the pulley by hand to observe whether there are collision and friction, check the firmness of the hobbing, whether there are open welding and missing teeth, and rotate the drum by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable. Check whether the V-belt tension of each rotating part is reasonable, check whether the diesel engine is running well, check whether the motor is running normally and whether there is any leakage in the power cord.

2. After the idle running time reaches the stipulation, feed materials in small batches for trial operation. If there is any problem, stop the machine for inspection and adjustment.

3. When the material is fed, the peanuts must be filled into the feeding port first, and the feeding should be kept in a proper amount, evenly and continuously. If the humidity is too high or the operation is overcast and rainy, the feeding amount should be appropriately reduced.

4. If cleaning is not clean during operation, you can increase the number of fan revolutions or lower the air baffle. If entrainment loss occurs during cleaning, you can reduce the number of fan revolutions and increase the air baffle.

5. When the drum is blocked during the operation, check the feeding amount, peanut vine humidity, tightness of the triangle belt, and power supply voltage.


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