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Features and advantages of tractor with multi-function peanut harvester


Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester is widely used during the peanut harvesting season. It can be used for multiple purposes. It can dig fruit, separate fruit from the soil, search for missing fruit, pick fruit, and clean the surface of the fruit. Because there are many models of this kind of machinery, in actual production, it is necessary to choose reasonable machinery and tools based on the conditions of your planting site and the characteristics of each machine.

Hexie tractor with multi-function peanut harvester is mainly composed of frame, electric motor (diesel engine), transmission part, fruit picking and separation part, double fan cleaning part, secondary decoupling conveying, fan suction and selection part, vibration screening mechanism, etc. During operation, the machine is driven by the electric motor or diesel engine to enter the fruit picking system through the feeding inlet or the automatic feeding table. The peanuts are separated from the stem by the rotation of the drum, and the fruit and debris are sorted by wind and gravity, and the lawn belt is separated and transported to the vibration. The sieve is further sieved to remove impurities, etc., and clean fruits are selected to complete the whole process.

The peanut stalks are discharged from the discharge port. This model is currently an advanced large-scale machine in China. It is different from the dry and wet peanut picker in the same industry. The difference is that the wet seedling outlet is equipped with a grass pulling roller and the height of the grass is sent. It can reach more than 4 meters without artificial stacking in the true sense.

Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester is suitable for separation of seedlings and fruits of peanuts that have been harvested and dried by a digging harvester for two days. After picking and cleaning, the peanuts are clean and free of impurities and can be directly bagged for storage after drying.

Convenient operation, reliable performance, clean fruit picking, high efficiency, less broken, and small power supply. Peanut picking is used to pick peanuts directly with vines after the peanut harvest. It can be used flexibly in the field. The picking is clean, the rate of shell breakage is low, and the loss is small. Both dry and wet stems can be used, with high work efficiency, and clean threshing.

Features of a tractor with multi-function peanut harvester

1. The whole peanut harvesting process can be completed smoothly at one time, the operation leakage process is complete and orderly, and the loss rate is low.
2. The peanut harvester is simple to use and can be used with tractors of different powers, which greatly improves work efficiency.
3. The equipment has good economic benefits, and the efficiency of a single machine is 5-8 acres/hour, which can greatly reduce the peanut harvest time and reduce cost input.
4. Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester can be used on flat ground or ridged plots and has strong applicability.

Advantages of a tractor with multi-function peanut harvester

1. Comprehensive upgrade-large factory manufacturing process, high-quality large steel factory raw materials, fine workmanship, laser cutting, CNC bending, die-stamping forming, precision high-strength welding. Electrostatic spray type, automotive technology.

2. The new assemblable large drum (small factories are welding, which is very inconvenient for maintenance). The drum teeth are thickened and wear-resistant solder joints are added, which has a longer life. The drum teeth adopt a single assembly process (direct welding in small factories), which is more convenient for maintenance and replacement. The new large drum throwing structure is further optimized, and the fruit picking, cleaning, and separation are more scientific.

3. Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester has a three-time cleaning design structure, dual fans for powerful cleaning, an enlarged dedicated upper stacking fan, a new bottom cleaning sieve, with a cleaning function, and a cleaner fruit cleaning.

4. Lengthen the feeding trough, equipped with LED work lights in multiple directions, making it more convenient for you to work day and night.

5. Wet seedlings are provided with grass pulling rollers at the seedling exit, and the height of grass-feeding can reach more than 4 meters, which is in the true sense without artificial stacking.

6. The widened guide wheel design makes the product transportation safer and more reliable.

7. The famous brand Liannong triangle belt, a famous brand with a famous brand, creates industry quality products, and the machine durability is greatly improved.


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