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Features and application of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing


Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is currently the domestic advanced pouring lollipop production equipment. This machine integrates mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic control. The mechanism is reasonable and compact, and it has a high degree of automation; it has high production efficiency and can produce single-color, two-flavor two-color spray, two-flavor two-color double-layer, three-flavor three-color spray, and crystal candy, filling candy, striped candy, xylitol sugar-free lollipops and thinking odd lollipops, etc.

The sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing consists of an electric cooking machine, cooling table, batch roller, rope sizer, forming machine, cooling sifter, twist packing machine, and so on, can produce diameter 18-35mm ball lollipop. Electrical integration and steam control of the whole production line, easy to control the operation, large output, high efficiency, no waste of sugar, is the ideal equipment to produce the great lollipop candy.

The whole sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is produced according to the GMP standard of food machinery. It is not only ideal equipment which can produce out good quality products with the saving of both the manpower and space occupied but also helps the candy manufacturer pass the GMP, HACCP, QS authentication easily. Moreover, just change the molds, it is available to produce both hard candy and lollipop on the same depositing line.

Features of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing

1. PLC /computer process control available;
2.An LED touch panel for easy operating;
3.The standard production capacity from 150 kg/h to 450kgs/h;
4.Optional (mass) flowing controlled by Frequency converters;
5.Inline injection, dosing, and premixing techniques for the proportional addition of liquid(milk); Dosing pumps for the automatic injection of colors, flavors, and acids;
6.One set of an extra chocolate paste injection system for making chocolate central candies; “two/three color striped depositing”, “two or three-color double layers depositing”, “central filling”, “clear” hard candies and etc. can be made.
7.Mould can be made according to the candies samples provided by the customer.

Application of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing

1.According to different candy sizes have four round wheels and five round wheels.
2.Whole machine under round wheels have electric heating and keeping warm system, can reach the temperature when we operate.
3.Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing under round wheels have double closed bearing, to prevent candy into the machine.
4.The speed of this machine can adjust, can match with the before and after machine.
5. Round wheels can remove, clean, easy to install.

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