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Features ice cream filling cake bread filler machine


Small depositing ice cream filling cake bread filler machine is mainly a small product in the packaging machine. From the perspective of material packaging, it can be divided into a liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, and granule filling machine. In terms of production automation, it is divided into a semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling production line. With the recent QS certification of food, edible oil manufacturers have begun to pay attention to product quality and packaging, so cake and bread filling machines have a prominent position in filling machines. Now it is mainly used in the packaging of instant noodles, moon cakes, ice cream, chocolate, egg yolk pie, egg rolls, bread, sausages, frozen foods, medicines, and other solid shapes.

Features of ice cream filling cake bread filler machine

1. It is not restricted by packaging containers and can be applied to boxes, bags, cans, bottles, and boxes
2. The blanking screw can be replaced according to the packaging range, giving consideration to both efficiency and accuracy
3. Density tracking, weighing feedback system, weight tolerance alarm, so that the error can be automatically corrected in time
5. Photoelectric switch, intelligent induction loading, and unloading
6. All stainless steel structure, strong and easy to clean
7. Stepper motor control, stable and durable
8. Key screen operation, easy to learn

Usage method of ice cream filling cake bread filler machine

First, before using the small depositing ice cream filling cake bread filler machine

1. Install and then debug. Read the manual carefully before debugging and prepare the tools used.

2. After the filling machine, bottle washing machine, and bottle washing machine are installed, adjust the filling track and bottle receiving tray to a level, the liquid storage tank is full of materials, and all electrical switches are in the off position.

3. Insert the filled container into the tooling box and turn on the external power supply. The power socket must be a three-pin socket and have a reliable grounding wire to prevent people from being shocked by the shell leakage. Turn the machine power switch to ON and the power indicator light is on.

4. The supporting plate of the mounting rack supports the filling rack, and the positioning sleeve on the filling head is pushed upward with the finger. The positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down flexibly, with the filling needle exposed or retracted without hindrance.

5. Turn the switch under the liquid storage barrel to the open position to enable the material to flow into the total metering pump. According to the total amount of container filling each time, adjust the screw on the crank and turn the knob of the filling speed control plate to 20 degrees Turn left and right, and then turn the switch on the filling speed control board to the on position.

6. When the liquid flowing out of the filling head is the set amount, tighten the liquid volume fine adjustment nut, cover the shell of the filling head, and loosen the supporting plate of the filling rack.

After using the small depositing ice cream filling cake bread filler machine, pay attention to its maintenance. During maintenance, remove the piston and the fixing screws at the same time, so as not to affect the process requirements of the other when removing the first one. Before the piston filling machine is cleaned, the remaining product should be removed, and then the tank should be filled with gentle cleaning liquid. The cylinder has been lubricated before leaving the factory, please do not open or add any lubricating oil to ensure that the surface of the filling machine is clean and hygienic. Power off when not working. In addition, while maintaining and using the filling machine correctly, it is also necessary to conduct regular inspections and debugging. Only in this way can the filling machine work healthy and stable.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s demand for beverages and daily chemical products continues to increase, and enterprises continue to develop, and the use of ice cream filling cake bread filling machines is also increasing. Problems that should be paid attention to in the use of filling machines It is also becoming increasingly sharp. Therefore, it is still necessary to maintain it for better production.

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