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Features of making machine for the sweet donut


Professional making machine for sweet donut

Now the most popular donuts in the United States or any pastry shop or a fast food store has a sale. Children from 5 years old to 75 years old all share the same love for it. In Asia, as a dessert donut mainly by the type of food, but in the US there are many people with donuts as a breakfast staple, and even set up a “National Doughnut Day.” Chocolate donut child is the most popular.

Professional making machine for sweet donut is a versatile machine, it can shape, flip, transfer, and fry donut. This model machine with 3 molds, full stainless steel material, automatic with counting system, Tank track technology. Chain conveyor turns bread technology.

It can produce different sizes and shapes donuts. All sizes of donuts(3cm,5cm,7cm,8cm, 12cm) for your choice. It can adjust the thickness of the donut by adjusting the amount of the materials.

Use of making machine for a sweet donut

As the professional making machine for sweet donut has its own character, so it must be tested before using, then we can make wonderful donuts or cake. The proportion of ingredients is that 1KG of cake donuts flour, 400G of water, 300G of oil, 3 eggs. First, mix the donuts flour and water. Please be slow at the beginning 2 minutes, and then turn faster for the next 18 minutes. Then leave the mixture indoor for 30 minutes above temperature 22-24 Celsius degree.

The host can automatically control frying temperature, automatic control frying time, automatic molding, automatic advance, you can count the number of production, conveyor speed can be adjusted by adjusting the time. It is able to complete the second frying action automatically and send fried donuts out automatically, and is suitable for the production of fermented donuts. Donuts host machine is consist of two parts, inside part and outside part, the inside part can be taken outside; Outside part can also open heating pipes, which can facilitate daily cleaning.

The spout can be lift or down according to the oil level. Can adjust donuts size by adjusting the number of raw materials. If more, donuts bigger, if little, donuts smaller. And donuts number have one and two to choose from. The control board has an electric discharge and interlock discharge switch, using precision orbit means, joint motor, keeping the device in the minimum amount of vibration. Large hopper design, you can install 7L material, simple operation, high efficiency, the best choice for a variety of stores, and food plants. It comes with instructions for raw materials. One machine can produce three sizes of donuts (change mold, equipped with it)

Features of making machine for the sweet donut

1. The body of this frying donut machine price for sale is made of stainless steel, fully automatic frying donut machine price for sale is popular for its high efficiency and accuracy to produce donuts.All sizes of donuts(3cm,5cm,7cm,8cm, 12cm) for your choice.
2. Digital thermostat and mechanical counter on this frying donut machine price for sale make operation very convenient and easy to supervise the process.
3. Oil tempreture and the conveyor speed can be adjustable.
4. The high -efficient heating element
5. Longer Oil Trough, safe and energy-saving
6. Easy operation and cleaning

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