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Installation and debugging of tractor mounted corn harvester


Tractor mounted corn harvester is an agricultural tool that uses machinery to harvest corn stalks according to agronomic requirements when the corn is mature or close to maturity. It is a new type of agricultural machinery researched and developed for the development of new energy and reducing the labor intensity of farmers’ friends. It is low-cost agricultural machinery that is suitable for small four-wheel popularization in rural areas and can be used to harvest corn stalks. It shortens the labor cycle of peasant friends and frees people from heavy physical labor.

Tractor mounted corn harvester can also crush straws and can be used as a machine for two purposes, which can complete corn ear picking and straw crushing one line at a time. The stubble bag can be removed when the collecting bucket is full, the height of the stubble can be adjusted, the tensioning clutch is safe, and the turning radius is small and easy to operate. The machine receives corn stalks of one to two acres per hour, directly crushed, peeled clean, and can be harvested with ear height above 60 cm. The higher the stalk, the greater the light bar rate.

Features of tractor mounted corn harvester

1. It can not only harvest corn ears but also chop corn stalks to achieve the purpose of returning straw to the field.
2. Tractor mounted corn harvester unit is energy-saving, it only needs 18-32 horsepower to run easily.
3. One machine with multiple functions, light, and flexible. The unit is used in conjunction with a small tractor, and the tractor can be used for other tasks when the unit is removed.
4. High work efficiency, 3-5 mu/hour can be collected per hour.

Installation and debugging of tractor mounted corn harvester

1. Check whether the front bumper of the tractor is level. If it is not, you must first correct it before installing the lift frame.

2. Install the lifting frame on the bumper of the tractor, and then use the pressure plate to tighten it with screws, and then connect one end of the two inclined flat irons to the lifting frame, and the other end to the connecting seat welded on the tractor beam fixed. Ensure that the machine has good stability.

3. The connection between the tractor mounted corn harvester and the elevator is through the four U-shaped cards on the host and the two front supports at the lower part of the lifting frame. The two U-shaped cards on the upper part of the lifting frame pass through four cylindrical pins, and two movable The lifting plate connects the host and the lifting frame together.

4. The diesel engine and the harvester reducer are connected to two B-shaped V-belts. After installation, do not press the tensioning wheel too tightly. Under normal harvesting conditions, as long as there is no slippage of the V-belt.

5. After assembling, it should run idling for 5 minutes, and then run at high speed for 6 minutes. After checking that there is no abnormality in all parts, you can work in the field.

6. The adjustment of the height of the stubble is realized by the adjustment screw of the lifting frame. Before harvesting, adjust the cutting knife to touch the soil and ground, and then lock the screw for trial cutting to see if the cutting condition is suitable. If not, adjust to meet the requirements and start harvesting.

7. Tractor mounted corn harvester Because the harvester is conveyed on the right side, when harvesting in the field, the harvesting method to improve efficiency is to harvest in circles around the plot.

8. The cutting knife is made of alloy steel. After a period of use, especially in sandy soil, the cutting edge will wear out and become blunt. At this time, use a hand-held grinder to sharpen the cutting edge to save power during harvesting. , But it is necessary to prevent overheating and dripping to cool down when sharpening the edge, so as not to reduce the durability of the edge part.

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