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Installation and debugging of tractor mounted peanut harvester


Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land, with a unique clamping chain design, can make the harvesting process more efficient and the harvesting effect more perfect. This product has the following characteristics: the operation process is complete and orderly, and the seedling support, excavation, and crushing are completed during operation. The task of laying and drying soil, shaking soil, and peanuts have a low loss rate, high operation efficiency, and low harvest cost. The working efficiency of a single machine is 4-6 acres/H, which makes the peanut harvest time shorter, the harvest cost lower, and the application range is wide. It is suitable for all kinds of soil, and can be operated on flat ground and ridged peanut land.

Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land has good performance and high efficiency. It is mainly used to harvest underground rhizome crops such as peanuts. It has the characteristics of high harvesting efficiency, no damage to the skin can be harvested with seedlings, light operation without vibration, no grass blocking, fast soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life. The main thing is that our machinery can directly extract the remaining agricultural film in the soil without affecting the growth of crops in the next season!

Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land can be matched with a four-wheel tractor with a power of more than 15 horsepower. The gearbox is equipped with high and low speeds. It is suitable for various models. It is suitable for 75-85 cm. The sprocket adopts a double bearing fully sealed, movable suspension arm, anti-drop chain, efficiency 5-7 mu per hour!

Advantages of tractor mounted peanut harvester

Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land is fully automatic and neatly laid and harvested. The neatness of placement is more than manual. The harvest is clean and thorough. There is no soil and no fruit. It liberates the farmers from heavy manual labor. Debug the model, buy it, and use it after installation.
1: Automatically and neatly pave and harvest, excavate, transport, shake soil and pave at one time, saving labor
2: Crazy work efficiency, harvesting 3 to 5 mu per hour
3: Strong versatility, one machine with multiple functions, suitable for ridged peanuts and sandy land (not ridged), suitable for different planting modes across the country, and can be used on plains, large plots, and small hilly and mountainous plots.
4: High-quality machine quality. The excavating blades and drive chains of this machine are all specially made, with high abrasion resistance and strength. The general user replaces the blades once every two years. The chain can be replaced by buckles at a low cost.
5: Scientific and reasonable design, adopting gear and chain transmission, running smoothly without power loss, and can work all-weather.
6: The digging depth can be adjusted. This machine is equipped with a manual depth adjustment device, which is convenient and quick.
7: Independent clutch separation system, easy to operate, simple and practical
8: Easy to install and disassemble, it can be installed and disassembled in 10 minutes

Installation and debugging of tractor mounted peanut harvester

Insert the lower suspension wall pin shaft of the implement into the hole of the tractor suspension arm, pin the lock, and link the upper suspension arm of the implement with the tractor tie rod. The depth of the implement can be adjusted by rotating the tie rod, and the split gearbox is fixed to the output shaft of the tractor. The implement gearbox and the split-and-combination gearbox are connected by a crank.


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