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Instructions for use of cotton candy machine


Full automatic commercial cotton candy machine is a commercial and household gas cotton candy machine.with all the advantages of a gas cotton candy machine, it’s efficient, not sticky, and easy to clean what’s more it’s the best performance and after-sales in the cotton candy machine. It also has the largest capacity, the fastest make sugar which makes it a real good bargain. It’s the first choice for business gifts and people to get rich!

Features of the commercial cotton candy machine

1. The machine is stepless speed control switch, adjustable speed;
2. It has a shock absorption system, the sugar is smooth rotation, low noise, easy to use, no foot, for the commercial;
3. Efficient LPG heating devices, greatly reducing the cotton candy was made;
4. A small investment, quick, can recover the cost of two days, low cost of sugar, a pound of sugar can produce 10 times more profit, considerable benefits;
5. Full automatic commercial cotton candy machine with a sugar bowl, you can add a variety of colored sugar, producing colorful fancy colored marshmallows.

Instructions for use of cotton candy machine

1.Pushing the unit, grip the handle Gently press down so that the car’s front foot slightly off the ground, you can easily walk freely to promote the machine, push the machine when not required, only to release the handle.

2. When in use, press the switch so that the machine rotation for 1-2 minutes, during rotation to observe the operation of the machine is stable. (If you need to adjust the machine too much vibration, be sure to make it a smooth placement and rotor installed correctly).

3. The rotary voltage adjustment knob (thermostat) observed voltmeter, adjust to 210V ~ 220V, and let the heat generating element is heated 4-5 minutes (voltage greater heating faster with according to actual needs of users regulate voltage).

4. Pour a spoonful of sugar in a clean white granular sugar head the center.

5. After about three seconds marshmallow then ejected with bamboo or other rod-like object receiving tray along the inner wall of the rotation several times and then placed bamboo level and above the turntable rotation can form a marshmallow.

6. Ceases production of cotton candy must turn off the power switch. If you want to make more cotton candy, according to the above process is repeated operations.

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