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Instructions of fruit and vegetable juicing machine


Fruit and vegetable juicing machine is a small household appliance that can squeeze vegetables and fruits into juice in life. It is loved by everyone, so many users buy and use it. It was created as early as 1930 by Dr. Norman Walker, who is famous for creating the world’s fruit and vegetable juicer and is known as the father of an active juicer. On this basis, after the situation, the designers changed the format of the revenue and expenditure and the different reasoning of the juicer.

The principle of fruit and vegetable juicing machine

The main component of the fruit and vegetable juicing machine is the cored pulp, juice, and skin passing through the bucket into the screw juicer. Then by the screw, the bottom diameter of the screw gradually increases along the direction of the slag outlet, and the pitch is gradually reduced. When the material is pushed by the screw, the volume of the screw cavity is reduced, forming a squeeze of the material. The rolling direction of the screw spindle is clockwise when viewed from the feed hopper to the slag trough. The material enters the hopper and is pressed under the push of the screw. The squeezed juice flows into the juicer at the bottom through the filter, while the waste material is discharged through the annular space formed between the screw and the conical part of the pressure regulation. The movement of the pressure regulating head along the axial direction can adjust the size of the open space. Used for clockwise (when looking at the rolling handwheel bearing seat from the slag outlet of the equipment to the end of the hopper, the pressure regulating head is turned to the left, the open space is reduced, otherwise the open space becomes larger.) Change the size of the open space, that is, adjust the slag discharge The resistance of the slag can be changed, but if the open space is too small, under strong squeezing, part of the slag particles will be squeezed out with the juice through the filter. Although the juice is added, the quality of the juice is relatively reduced. The size should depend on the user’s detailed process requirements. Then reached the intention of the juice and the residue to partake.

Instructions of fruit and vegetable juicing machine

1. Before use, first check whether the location of the juicer is tilted and any looseness, if there is, change the location.
2. Check whether the knives and filters are tightly secured and after confirmation, install the cup firmly and confirm.
3. Cut the food into pieces suitable for the entrance of the juicer.
4. Plugin the power supply and ensure the connection is solid.
5. Starter, confirm that the motor is running normally.

When in use, push the fruits and vegetables into the cup, maintain a constant speed, and avoid excessively fast and violent movements to avoid danger. After the food is processed, unplug the power first, and then pour out the processed food. Carefully clean the internal and external components of the juicer, but avoid water flow into the motor. Place the juicer in a ventilated place away from direct sunlight to completely dry it in the shade.

Never use anything (especially your fingers) other than the propelling stick that comes with the juicer to push food into the juicer. It is strictly forbidden to open the upper cover when the motor is rotating.

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