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Instructions of tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine


Tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is made of high-strength manganese board, which has good hardness, anti-vibration, and does not break. High-strength forged manganese steel knife, the sieve is 45 straight bar steel. The oil cylinder is a double-return high-pressure engineering cylinder. Two-speed cast steel gearbox. Nano original plastic controlled deep wheel, wear-resistant, and non-crack. The whole machine is high-temperature spray plastic, beautiful and generous!

Instructions of tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine

Connect the tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine with the front frame of the single-cylinder diesel engine, fix it on the front frame with screws, and tighten the screws. There is an oil eye at the lower end of the front oil cylinder, and one end of the high-pressure oil pipe with an elbow is fixed on it, and the other end is fixed on the output port of the hydraulic lift under the seat. When working, the lifting rod is used to adjust the up and down, and the down depends on its own weight. The depth can be adjusted by the front wheels. Use a B-shaped triangle belt of about 2800, straight forward and backward. There is a belt pressing wheel in the middle and put the triangle belt on the wheel. The V-belt should not be too tight or too loose. The 7-shaped plate iron is on the V-belt. Before going to the ground, manually arrange the ground to make it easier for the machine to go down and turn around and turn. After the machine is started, wait until the machine drops to a certain depth and then walk forward. It is not easy to damage the garlic, and the effect will be better after adjustment.

Advantage of tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine

1. The garlic injury rate is very low, the artificial garlic throwing is within 5%, and the garlic injury rate of the machine is controlled within 1%
2. Tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine solves the problem of interplanting. There are many areas where cotton is interplanted. The machine is designed according to the cotton field for interplanting and can completely avoid cotton.
3. One-time shaving garlic has multiple benefits. While shaving garlic loosens the soil, removes weeds, and increases the air permeability of the soil.
4. It saves time, labor, and money. The machine works fast, about 3 mu per hour, which is 100 times that of manual garlic harvesting. Every time the garlic is harvested, garlic farmers need to pay more than 1,000 yuan per mu. Employing manual harvesting, the cost of the garlic grinder only requires a few yuan in fuel costs.

Tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is composed of a hand-held frame, diesel engine, garlic harvesting assembly, and other parts. During the production process, all national standard materials or super-national standard materials are used to make the product more durable. The machine has a compact structure, light and flexible operation, Reliable use, convenient maintenance, and good passability. Each mu can reduce operating costs by about 200 yuan. The machine has high operating efficiency, 2-3 mu per hour and 20-30 mu per day. It is a good machine for operators and professional households to generate income!

The tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is a new third-generation garlic harvesting product developed by our research personnel through field exploration and experience accumulation. The machine does not hurt garlic, is simple to operate, and has high work efficiency. It can walk freely in the sticky soil where garlic grows. , Using domestic walking tractors and small four-wheel tractors as power, easy to install

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