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Introduction of ice cream machine


The ice cream machine can be divided into soft ice cream and hard ice cream according to the required shape of the finished product.Soft ice cream machine, also known as ice cream freezing machine, is automated equipment specially designed to produce ice cream. According to its purpose, it can be divided into large-scale freezing machines used in factory assembly lines, commercial ice cream machines used in the catering industry, and home use Home ice cream machines.


Ice cream equipment can be divided into vertical type and table type according to its shape:The desktop ice cream machine is more suitable for occasions with limited operating space. Such as the operation room of a bar or coffee shop. This ice cream machine can also be placed directly on the bar counter.

The vertical ice cream machine is a popular model. The heat dissipation of the vertical machine is better than that of the desktop machine, so it is recommended to use the vertical ice cream machine when the ambient temperature is too high.

Today we mainly talk about commercial ice cream machines. According to the machine model classification, it can be divided into single-head, three-head, five-head, seven-head, or multi-head ice cream machines.

Commercial ice cream machine

The single-head ice cream machine has only one storage tank, one refrigeration cylinder, and one discharge port, and can only produce ice cream of one color, that is, one flavor at the same time. This kind of ice cream machine is generally suitable for small bars, coffee shops, western restaurants, KTVs, Internet cafes, and other occasions where the output and taste of ice cream are not required. The price is relatively cheap. This kind of ice cream machine is small in size and light in weight by about 80KG. The power is generally between 750W-1800W.

The three-head ice cream has two storage tanks, two refrigeration tanks, and three discharge ports. It can produce three colors or three flavors at the same time, including two pure flavors and one mixed flavor. This kind of ice cream machine is more common in the market, and general stores will choose to use this three-head ice cream machine, which generally weighs 150KG and has a power ranging from 1700W to 4000W.

By analogy, there are five or even seven ice cream machines on the market, which can make more ice cream tricks.


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