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Main advantages of filling seal machinery


Automatic yogurt ice cream juice filling seal machinery is suitable for automatic filling and sealing of plastic cups and plastic boxes. It is used for packaging fruit juice drinks, soy milk, milk tea, green bean paste, red bean paste, soy milk, ice cream, eight-treasure porridge, polenta, pumpkin porridge, yogurt, jelly, pudding, soy milk, purified water, etc. The whole machine realizes fully automatic operation, and automatically completes cup dropping, filling, ultraviolet sterilization, photoelectric tracking, date printing, sealing, trimming, etc.

Automatic yogurt ice cream juice filling seal machinery solves the problem of artificial inability to fill at high temperature and avoids secondary pollution during use. This machine adopts a touch screen PLC programmable controller and pneumatic components to automatically control quantitative filling and sealing. It is convenient for users to be handier in the production process, which not only saves a lot of labor costs but also improves work efficiency.

Main advantages of filling seal machinery

Automatic yogurt ice cream juice filling seal machinery is made of steel and stainless steel, with simple structure and easy operation. In addition, Henan Hexie Factory has strong technical strength and can manufacture machines according to customer needs.

Equipment features filling seal machinery

From cup feeding-cup, pressing-filling-sealing-deviation correction (photoelectric, pattern correction)-cutting-waste film recycling-taking off the cup are all automatic. The machine is newly designed, and the transmission parts and electrical components of the equipment are installed on the upper part of the equipment, which is convenient to operate, stable in performance, accurate in quantification, and simple in maintenance. The pneumatic parts of the electrical parts are all international famous brand products such as Germany, etc., and coding machines can be installed according to user needs.

Precautions for use of filling seal machinery

1. Properly adjust the opening of the ball valve above the filling head according to the specifications of automatic yogurt ice cream juice filling seal machinery. The valve should be opened when the filling specification is large, the valve should be opened small when the filling specification is small, and the valve should be opened small when the material is foaming. , Non-foaming materials should be opened up.

2. The unit and number of the time relay should be selected according to the packaging specifications. The digital dialing code should be determined by the filling specifications. Generally, the unit of measurement should be selected as the second (SEC). The time relay is accurate to 1% of a second.

3. Turn on the power, start the air compressor, and adjust the compressed air pressure to 0.6Mpa (6kg/cm2). Generally, the new machine has been set before leaving the factory.

4. Open the feed valve and let the material enter the trough on the top of the filling machine. Only when the material reaches the specified liquid level during each filling can the filling be accurate.

5. Adjust the digital dial code of the time relay to an appropriate number position, depending on the filling specifications, small numbers should be selected for small specifications, such as 1 to 9, large numbers should be selected for large numbers, such as 10 to 90, etc. Put the measuring cup or bottle under the filling head, step on the footswitch to let the material flow out, wait until the filling valve is automatically closed, pour the material out or change the bottle, perform the second filling, and measure the filling volume.

6. Point the bottle at the filling nozzle and step on the footswitch. Each time you step on it, you can fill a bottle, but please note: (1) It is strictly forbidden to touch the footswitch when there is no bottle. (2) When the machine is repaired or shut down after the completion of work, please close the manual ball valve of the upper feed pipe to prevent the material from overflowing and damaging the machine.

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