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Main features of new professional dried fruits slicing equipment


New professional dried fruits slicing equipment for cleaning dried fruit, such as raisin, dried apricot, preserved kiwi slices, etc,. we design a special project for this difficult pprocessing. The chart includes a washing tank with conveyor–drum washing machine–brush roller washing machine with sprayers–Vibration dewatering machine–air fan dryer machine–UV sterilizer machine(option). The dirty raw material(raisin, dried apricot, dried fruit slices) through the whole processing will be cleaned completely.

New professional dried fruits slicing equipment is a new machine developed by our factory according to the market demand. It
adopts a more advanced material pressing system, which can hold even small materials. It is suitable for kiwi slices, preserved fruit slices, shiitake mushrooms, dendrobium, medicinal materials, millet pepper, and other slices, dices, and shreds, which improves the product yield and meets the needs of more customers.

New professional dried fruits slicing equipment uses an advanced material pressing system, which can hold even small materials, more accurate auxiliary adjustment, high and uniform cutting efficiency, hygienic and durable food-grade conveyor belt, thick stainless steel plate, reasonable and beautiful appearance design.

Features of professionally dried fruits slicing equipment

New professional dried fruits slicing equipment is suitable for the high sugar content, Sticky knife fruit. Such as Apple pulp, apricots, strawberries, pear preserved hawthorn, hippophae rhamnoides, raisins, dried haitang, dates, etc.

It combined with preserved fruit and cut way, our company has developed new professional dried fruit-slicing equipment, this machine consists of a round knife set and a knife set auger.
The auger type bladed is specially equipped with a machine, which can cut dried fruit effectively.
The tight structure and careful design can guarantee the quality and performance of machines for customers completely.
Just one worker is enough for operating the machine.
The machine can automatically cut and conveying materials steady.

Main features of new professional dried fruits slicing equipment

1. Continuous production can be divided into single-layer and multi-layer transmission structures. It has multiple core patent technologies of mechanical structure and wind circulation, which are suitable for mass production and processing.
2. Intelligent control, man-machine interface operation, PLC control, temperature control, humidity control, intelligent dehumidification, air volume control, operation status display, fault detection, etc.
3. New professional dried fruits slicing equipment a wide range of heat sources can be selected. Natural gas, heat pumps, biomass particles, etc. can be used as fuel, heat exchange through high-efficiency heat exchangers, fast heating in the drying chamber, the self-developed heat cycle recovery technology, sufficient heat recovery, and significant energy-saving effect.
4. The hot air circulation method is divided into through-flow heating type, side circulation heating type, unit alternating type, etc., according to different material properties (Quality, size, condition, etc.), the transmission structure such as mesh belt type, chain plate type, and flap type can be selected to ensure that the heat in the drying room is sufficient and the air volume is even.
5. The transmission speed is adjustable, and the speed can be controlled in layers according to the material process requirements to improve the drying efficiency of the product and the quality of the product. The automatic conveying equipment and automatic distribution device are used for the incoming and outgoing materials, which is effectively docked with the front and back process experiments to achieve a continuous production line. Work, save labor, and increase production efficiency.
6. The use of high-quality materials, good thermal insulation effect, durable; reasonable design, beautiful appearance.
7. Wide range of application: flowers, Chinese herbal medicines, gelatin, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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