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Main functions of hamburger bread forming machine


Hamburger bread forming machine is specially designed for heating hamburgers (24 pieces at a time) (also can heat bread), which can increase the taste and flavor of hamburgers. The surface is crispy and the inside is soft. Stainless steel structure, cast aluminum heating plate, adjustable thickness, timing, and temperature control functions.

The bread platter will separate the pans above Z from a whole pile of neat baking pans, rise to the height of the tray platter, use the positioning system to determine the empty tray placement area, and place it on the tray platter for use. The whole process is like manual action, precise, fast, and fast.

The characteristics of hamburger bread forming machine

Hamburger bread forming machine adopts the man-machine interface, according to the graphics on the screen, easy to operate, can remember the characteristics of hundreds of products. Durable machinery, easy to operate, the main electrical control components are world brand, ensure a long time stable operation.

Hamburger bread forming machine is used for mooncake forming in the food industry. The blank of the mooncake can become the mooncake with any geometric shape after stamping on and off the mooncake impression. The machine adopts Omron control original, the movement is accurate and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient. This machine has a unique cake round adjusting mechanism, which is convenient and accurate and makes the appearance of the equipment more simple and generous. It is an ideal equipment for making mooncakes food.

Main functions of hamburger bread forming machine

3steps to form the skin to preferred thickness, feed center-filling materials to it, automatically roll-up to a roll shape, and press to a ball or other designs. The machine is designed to simulate a hand-make product.
1.Center-filling materials are meat ,beans,fruits,nuts,chocolate,and potato.

2.Double easier, volumetric.

3.Change piston to get different center-filling wight.

4.Only to connect the machine to the main production line to automation and controlled by the main operational control panel.

Application of hamburger bread forming machine
ST-868 pastry bread forming machine is suitable to producing Crispy food: Crispy Cake, Sweetheart cake, Green bean Cake, Suzhou-style Moon Cake, Creamy red bean-filled bread, Hot dog Bread, Hamburger, Momo, Pork Bun, Vegetable Bun, French Bread, Toast Bread, Steamed Rolls, Peach-shape Bun, Rabbit-shape Bun, Bean Paste Bun, etc.



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