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Maintenance of automatic beer glass bottle filling machine


Glass bottle drinks are very common in daily life, like the very popular cocktail drinks nowadays are glass bottles. If a company wants to take a high-end route, glass bottle containers are undoubtedly the best choice. Nongfu Spring also produces high-end water in glass bottles, which is favored by many high-end people. Then industrial automatic beer glass bottle filling machine
How to repair and maintain it? Henan HeXie Machinery Co., Ltd. will give a brief explanation of the repair and maintenance of glass bottle filling equipment, and hope to help you!

Maintenance of automatic beer glass bottle filling machine

First, the bottle washing part
1. Check whether the power supply and water supply of the automatic rotary bottle washer are normal.
2. Check whether the automatic rotary bottle washer is operating normally.
3. Equipped with chlorine dioxide disinfectant in beverage bottles at 30-40mg/L.
4. Start the beverage filling line, and the beverage bottles are sent to the bottle washer for rinsing via the conveyor belt.
5. For the bottle washer, please refer to the operating instructions of the automatic rotary bottle washer, which controls the pressure of the bottle washing water to 0.15Mpa
6. The beverage bottles that have passed through the bottle washing machine enter the filling process with the conveyor belt.
Finish cleaning: turn off the water source of the bottle washer, turn off the power supply of the equipment, and perform daily maintenance on the equipment. Clean the bottle washing machine to keep the working environment clean and tidy.

Second, filling part
1.  Check the power supply and operation of the filling machine.
2. Check the condition of the conveying pipeline and filling head.
3. Check the opening direction of the conveyor belt pipe valve.
4. Perform the filling operation according to the filling machine operating rules.
5. Drain the water in the storage tank and pipeline before filling.
6. Before filling, adjust the height of the filling head one by one to ensure the filling volume.
7. Industrial automatic beer glass bottle filling machine filling products should be first inspected. The number of first inspections is a multiple of the number of filling heads, and the first inspection is qualified and put into filling production.
Finish cleaning: The filling machine enters CIP cleaning after filling. Close the filling material valve, power supply of the filling machine, clean up equipment, and environmental operations.

Three, screw cap part
1.  Check the power supply and gas supply of the capping equipment and the operation of the equipment.
2. Check the air and water conditions for cleaning the bottle mouth before screwing to keep the air and water pressure stable.
3. Check the condition of the bottle cap conveying pipeline.
4. Start the capping machine, and the filled products will be sent to the capping machine along the conveyor belt, blown through the bottle mouth, washed with water, capped, and completed capping operation.
5. Industrial automatic beer glass bottle filling machine The air pressure at the bottle mouth is 0.15Mpa, the washing water temperature is 95℃, the water pressure is 0.15 Mpa, the capping torque is 23KG, and the capping speed is 2000 bottles/h.
6. The product after screwing is sent to the sterilization process after the lamp inspection, and the product with the screw cap not in place should be excluded from the lamp inspection.
7. The first inspection should be done during the capping process, and the inspection will be carried out every two hours.
Finish cleaning: After the capping is finished, the capping machine and working environment should be cleaned. Turn off the power supply, air supply, and hot water (valve) of the capping machine, and clean the working environment.

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