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Mechanical principle of bubble gum production line


Chinese bubble gum production line is consisted of the vacuum sugar cooking machine, batch roller, rope sizer, forming machine, hoister, cooling cabinet, packing machine, and so on, can produce monochrome, two-color, multicolor lollipop. Electrical integration control of the whole production line, easy to control the operation, large output, high efficiency, no waste of sugar, is the ideal equipment to produce the great lollipop candy.

Chinese bubble gum production line is advanced equipment for making PILLOW shape chewing gum with coating or square shape sugar shell coated chewing –gums. It is a new technology processing style to make chewing gum products, six stages rolling with water cooling can guarantee the quality of final products.

The main performance of bubble gum production line

Chinese bubble gum production line is suitable for producing xylitol chewing gum and toffee chewing candy. This fully-automatic production line consists of a mixer, extruder, six roller tablet, forming machine, cooling conveying cabinet, automatic screening machine, and coating machine. It can produce different shapes of candy, such as a square, rectangular, tablet, etc. This machine features reliable performance, simple and flexible operation, high automation. It is one of the best choices for producing xylitol chewing gum and toffee chewing candy.

Mechanical principle of bubble gum production line

The machine is equipped with a feeding and extrusion system, which can be used for single material extrusion molding. The sugar material to be extruded is put into the hopper, and the material is pressed into the extrusion chamber through the feeding roller. Under the action of the extruder screw, the sugar is continuously fed into the syntholyte parts, and a forming mold is arranged at the outlet of the syntholyte, thus continuous and stable sugar bars can be obtained. The extruder cavity can be flipped and separated from the horizontal center surface of the extruder screw for cleaning operation. The machine only needs to change the mold nozzle when changing the sugar mold, at a low cost.

Technical features of bubble gum production line

1. The extrusion speed converter is stepless and adjustable.

2. Bubble gum production line constant temperature water jacket is set in both the extrusion chamber and the synsaccharide to ensure the stability of the material during extrusion.

3. Centralized operation of speed and temperature, easy to use.

4. The main motor adopts the SEW brand, and the control components mainly choose Schneider, Omron, Siemens and other famous brands.

5. The extruder outlet can be adjusted, the maximum adjustable range is 10mm-25mm from up and down. The width is 250mm to 320mm. The adjustable width refers to the extrusion position of block bubble gum.


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