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Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Set/Sets CN¥3,542.90 - CN¥14,171.60 / Set
Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month
Payments: Direct payment from an online Bank,Pay later,On line bank,Visa
Type: fruit slicing machine
Dimension: 600*500*1000mm
Weight: 80 kg
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Food & Bever

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Basic Info.

The TPP-1 multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine uses a rotary cutter to cut Huaishan, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato (sweet potato), radish cucumber, bitter gourd, potatoes, and other agricultural products into slices. The equipment has good quality of cut surface, thick and thin products with uniform size, fresh-cut surface structure, and no damage to fiber structure. At the same time, the machine has high slicing efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, hygiene, safety, and high efficiency. It is now widely popular in agricultural product processing. The equipment uses the air compressor as the production power, and is controlled by air pressure, and uses the air pressure to push the melons and fruits through the cutter, so as to achieve the effect of splitting the melons and fruits.


Installation and commissioning of fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Place the machine on a dry, ventilated, and level ground before use to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.

Check all parts before use, check whether the fasteners are loose during transportation. Whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and whether there are foreign objects in the hopper or the material box.

Check whether the power supply voltage matches the operating voltage of the machine. Extend the power cord, reliably ground the yellow-green core with the grounding symbol, and connect the remaining three cores (two when the single-phase motor is configured) to the open load switch (blade switch) when they are disconnected On the terminal.

Open the front door before work, and turn the dial to see if there is a knock on the tool. If so, loosen the set screw on the dial, move the dial slightly outward, and then tighten the set bolt.

Close the open load switch and start the open button, depending on whether the multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine is running in the correct direction. Observe that the counterclockwise rotation is correct from the material inlet. Otherwise, adjust the power cord and wait for the knife to run in the correct direction after no-load test operation. No abnormalities in all parts Only test machine.

Use the operation of fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Try to cut before normal work, and observe whether the specifications of the cut vegetables meet the requirements. Otherwise, the height of the blade and the turntable should be adjusted (or replaced), and the normal work should be carried out after the adjustment is correct. multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine the thickness of the slice is determined by the gap between the blade knife and the turntable, and the size change is achieved by adjusting the blade knife.

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