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Specification of cotton candy maker machine

Time: 2020.10.28
Cotton candy maker machine it’s ideal for shows, town fair, car boot sales, could make many different shapes.,like round, floss, flower, elliptical, etc. also colorful products could be gotten by changing sugar color. There are two types existing to satisfy different use, one is operated with electric totally, other is operated with electric and gas.sugar Customized Chinese cotton candy maker machine that is a complete plant for continuously producing various kinds of cotton candies (marshmallow), which is a variety of colors and shape...

Key benefits include capacity vacuum packing machine

Time: 2020.10.28
Capacity vacuum packing machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of various plastic film bags, composite film bags, and aluminum foil bags. It has a wide range of applications. It can vacuum pack meat products, poultry products, pickle products, seafood, wild vegetables, industrial products, pharmaceutical products, grain, biological products, electronic components, and other solid, powder, and semi-fluid to prevent product oxidation and mildew, corrosion, and moisture, and maintain product quality and freshness within extended storage time....

Structure-function of hot melt pillow packing machine

Time: 2020.10.26
The hot melt pillow packing machine has been used in several fields throughout the world, such as all kinds of food(moon cake, biscuit, bread, pancake, chocolate, egg pie, instant noodle, candy, candied date, popsicle, and so on), vegetables, fruit, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical supplies, industrial food, etc. Features of hot melt pillow packing machine 1. Dual frequency converter control, bag length can be set and cut precisely, saving time and film. 2. Imported touch screen, the easy setting value of the machine. 3. PLC controller sy...

How to use an automatic label code printing machine?

Time: 2020.10.26
Small automatic label code printing machine suits for printing labels on the surface of the paper, non-ferrous plastic film, and aluminum foil. It applies an advanced dry-ink roller for printing and can make the words be printed clearly and uneasy to decay and change. The letters/numbers sizes of this coding machine are available with 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. You can choose the size you want. Product Description of automatic label code printing machine 1.This series of products are not only suitable for the plastic Bags /Pouches /cards /papers i...

Working principle and characteristics of automatic screw cap bottle capper

Time: 2020.10.22
The automatic screw cap bottle capper is economical and easy to operate. This in-line spindle capper handles a wide range of containers and offers a quick and easy changeover that maximizes production flexibility. The tightening discs are gentle which will not damage caps but with an excellent capping performance. Working principle and characteristics of automatic screw cap bottle capper This automatic screw cap bottle capper features an electrical control movement and strong stability. With positioning devices, the standard capping is easy ...

Feature and advantage of water bottle washing machine

Time: 2020.10.22
The water bottle washing machine is the latest design of the beer filling machine 3 in 1 type. It adopts external filling valves, all filling valves were hung on the outside of the beer tank which has no contact with the beer inside. They can guarantee the beer won’t have any bacteria infection risk. More stable and reliable than the original design. This water bottle washing machine 3-in-1unit: Beverage Machinery is used to produce polyester bottled mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverage machinery, and other non-gas beverag...

Machine features and application of shredded meat cutting machine

Time: 2020.10.20
Commercial shredded meat cutting machine is suitable for chicken and duck, small and medium-sized animal bones, spareribs, frozen meat, fresh meat, frozen chicken, chicken legs, and other processing equipment, according to the needs of cutting pieces, sections, strips, shape, and size can be adjusted. Commercial shredded meat cutting machine is cost-effective, saving labor, one machine can work for more than 500 kg per hour, greatly improving production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized food processing plants, collective cant...

The function of a meat mincer machine for hand operated

Time: 2020.10.20
Meat mincer machine for hand-operated cuts the unfrozen meat directly to make meat particles with different specifications, without damaging the muscle fiber tissue, the meat material is heated less, which is conducive to the preservation of the product and extends the shelf life. The detail of the meat mincer machine for hand operated 1. Using a low speed and high torque process, the food retains all of its nutrients after it has been processed. 2. Meat mincer machine for hand-operated the head and body structures are separate, allowing for...

Working Principles of vacuum food and seasoning mixing machine

Time: 2020.10.16
The latest technology vacuum food and seasoning mixing machine is to put the processed meat and fish into a vacuum barrel to knead, massage, and roll. It can improve the speed for meat to absorb salt and seasoning, and keep the meat moisture maximum. This meat tumbler can be an application for Chicken, duck, fish, goose, beefsteak, mutton, prawn, and seafood. Processing high-level ham, sausage, chicken, cattle, sheep, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, dog meat, and other meat. We have different capacity meat tumbler, from 50L to 3600L capacity, please...

Forming principle of multifunctional meatball making machine

Time: 2020.10.16
Multifunctional meatball making machine is the newly designed equipment based on the traditional meatball-making method. It includes a Frozen meat crusher, Meat grinder, Bowl cutter, Meat beating machine, Meatball processing line. It greatly improves working efficiency and speed. This multifunctional meatball making machine is made of stainless steel, the processed meat pudding change the structure of fat and fiber in the meat so the meat is more delicious. The meatball made from the processed meat pudding is refined, low fat, cool, and cris...

Operation guides of chicken gizzard peeling machine

Time: 2020.10.14
The chicken gizzard peeling machine is used for the peeling of chicken gizzards and duck gizzards. When the workers work, the spiral corrugating roller is driven by electric power to make the relative rotation, thereby achieving the requirement of peeling off a layer of yellow skin inside the chicken gizzard and the duck gizzard. The machine solves the problem of slow manual operation and improves work efficiency. This chicken gizzard peeling machine is used for peeling the gizzard. Two types for chosen; single head and double head type. The...

Working principle of fruit crushing juicer

Time: 2020.10.14
Fruit crushing juicer contains certain fibrous materials, and dehydration operations, such as fresh Grape (broken after the separation by the juice) and the fermentation of grape pomace, sea buckthorn fruit, aloe, ginger, and other fruits and vegetable juice; lees after fermentation, dehydration, and cassava residue wood, wheat straw, rice straw, reeds, etc. as raw materials and semi-chemical pulping all chemical pulping black liquor extraction and dehydration after washing. At the same time the sludge dewatering, waste also has wider applic...

Application of multifunctional fruit and vegetable peeling machine

Time: 2020.10.12
Multifunctional fruit and vegetable peeling machine is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, adopts brush roller washing principle to completely wash and peel kinds of fruit and vegetables, like potato, carrot, cassava, yam, taro, sweet potato etc. It can better adapt to the different size of the fruit, and can peel oranges, apples, pears and kiwifruit.Peel thickness (1 ~ 6mm) adjustable.The machine does not include air compressor, the air compressor which needs to be configured is equal to 0.4m3 / min, and the rated pressure is 0.8mpa....

Features of fruit and vegetable air bubble washing machine

Time: 2020.10.12
Fruit and vegetable air bubble washing machine washes dirt attached on the surface of vegetables by air bubble washing. It imitates human washing motion and avoids collision or friction damages caused by human washing. Efficiency is increased because this machine helps change human labor into mechanized process. Chives, spinach etc., stem vegetables like carrots, celeries etc. and fruits. Both complete materials and materials in pieces can be washed. Fruit and vegetable air bubble washing machine can be used in frozen food processing industr...

Features and advantages of electric food dehydrator machine

Time: 2020.10.09
Our company specializes in the production of food dryers and other products, processes, quality assurance, cost-effective! The same style is better than the quality, the same quality as the price, the same price as the service! Traditional drying methods are not only unsanitary but also affected by the weather because not every day is sunny. Moreover, traditional sun drying is unsanitary, dusty, and flies. A professional electric food dehydrator machine for fruit and vegetable is a machine that separates the water from the food and keeps the...

Features of porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Time: 2020.10.09
Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine, suitable for all kinds of the stem and leaf soft vegetables (celery, leek, spinach, green onion, etc.) cut and slender hard vegetables (cucumber, carrot, etc.) slices. Is the pasta processing industry, catering industry production of vegetable stuffing, cutting vegetables more ideal equipment. The machine uses a rotating cutter high-speed cutting, all kinds of vegetables cut into sections or pieces, with good quality slices, cut the product thickness and size uniformity, cut tissue ...
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