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The main purpose of various types of garden management tractors

Time: 2021.02.24
Various types of garden management tractors are specialized production of garden management tractors, which are new types of agricultural machinery products developed and developed based on the strengths of many families. The product has excellent performance, excellent quality, simple operation, complete supporting agricultural machinery, and a wide range of applications. It is suitable for operations in orchards, greenhouses, terraces, slopes, and other areas, as well as in cotton, corn, grapes, tea gardens, tobacco, seedlings, and other e...

Safety inspection of rice-wheat rice mill machine

Time: 2021.02.01
Rice-wheat rice mill machine is mainly used to process millet milling and sorghum peeled into rice, as well as corn, barley, mung beans, broad beans, oats, soybeans and other grains, as well as traditional Chinese medicine Kochia scoparia After removing the hard hulls and germ parts of grains, especially corn, the edible taste of corn is improved, and the application range of corn is expanded. Corn noodles processed by corn flour after peeling are very popular. Safety inspection of rice-wheat rice mill machine 1. Before starting the rice-whe...

Use skills of peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller

Time: 2021.01.27
Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller is a machine that uses a high-speed rotating body to remove the peanut shells and keep the peanuts intact. The shelling is clean, the productivity is high, the loss rate is low, the broken rate is small, the structure is simple, the use is reliable, and the adjustment is convenient. Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller is a kind of mechanical equipment used for peeling peanuts. The machine has a unique design, which can complete all tasks such as peeling, separating, re-scali...

Instructions of tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine

Time: 2021.01.22
Tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is made of high-strength manganese board, which has good hardness, anti-vibration, and does not break. High-strength forged manganese steel knife, the sieve is 45 straight bar steel. The oil cylinder is a double-return high-pressure engineering cylinder. Two-speed cast steel gearbox. Nano original plastic controlled deep wheel, wear-resistant, and non-crack. The whole machine is high-temperature spray plastic, beautiful and generous! Instructions of tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine Con...

Tips for choosing a tractor-mounted corn harvester

Time: 2021.01.18
With the gradual saturation of the wheat and rice machine harvest market, Tractor mounted corn harvester has become another new tool for farmers to get rich after the wheat and rice machine harvest. In the face of many types of corn combine harvesters at home and abroad, how to choose and use corn combine harvesters to obtain the best economic benefits is the most concerning issue. What are the tips for choosing a corn combine harvester? Tips for choosing a tractor-mounted corn harvester First, consider the quality of people Tractor mounted ...

Precautions for using coconut meat grinder grating machine

Time: 2021.01.14
Commercial electric coconut meat grinder grating machine is the necessary equipment for meat food processing. It can directly cut the unthawed meat pieces into meat pieces of different specifications, without damaging the muscle fiber tissue, and the meat material has a small temperature rise, which is conducive to product preservation and prolongs the shelf life. Make the preliminary preparations for chopping or mixing. Since there is no need to defrost, the nutrition and meat flavor are maintained. It can be minced at -18℃ and frozen in ch...

Features of walking tractor single-row corn harvester

Time: 2021.01.14
Walking tractor single-row corn harvester, corn harvester with peeling. Equipped with a harvesting bucket that can fall down when it is full, the height of the stubble can be adjusted, the tensioning clutch works safely, and the turning radius is small for easy operation. The machine harvests one to two acres of corn per hour. The straw is directly crushed, and the peeling is not clean. The ear height can be harvested above 60 cm. The higher the straw, the greater the light bar rate. Walking tractor single-row corn harvester is compact and a...

Use precautions of new professional dried fruits slicing equipment

Time: 2021.01.12
At the request of the majority of users, after years of testing and improvement by our technical staff, the newly developed new product-New professional dried fruits slicing equipment came out. The machine has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, simplified structure, not easy to damage, and safe operation. It is especially suitable for schools, factories and mines, canteens, pickles factories, and places where batch vegetables are processed. It is clean and hygienic, durable, and the use cost can be greatly reduced. Labor int...

Installation and debugging of tractor mounted peanut harvester

Time: 2021.01.12
Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land, with a unique clamping chain design, can make the harvesting process more efficient and the harvesting effect more perfect. This product has the following characteristics: the operation process is complete and orderly, and the seedling support, excavation, and crushing are completed during operation. The task of laying and drying soil, shaking soil, and peanuts have a low loss rate, high operation efficiency, and low harvest cost. The working efficiency of a single machine is 4-6 acres...

The structure of the mounted peanut picker machine

Time: 2021.01.12
Rear shaft of tractor or electric motor mounted peanut picker machine is suitable for separating peanuts from peanuts after excavation and drying. After picking and cleaning the peanuts, the peanuts are clean and free of impurities and can be directly bagged for storage after drying. This machine is equipped with wheels for easy movement, reliable performance, clean fruit picking, high efficiency, and less crushing. It can be powered by an electric motor and diesel engine, and it can be used for dry and wet stems. The broken rate of peanuts ...

Purchase skills of industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine

Time: 2021.01.08
The Industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine is actually very easy to understand. It is a blender that uses the high-speed motion of the knife net at several thousand revolutions per minute to chop up everything that is put into it and mix them together. Furthermore, in order to make the blender get the juice, we will add a filter inside, and then the knife net will crush the fruit, the strong centrifugal force will “throw” the juice out, and the pomace will remain inside. In principle, the industrial fruit crushing and juic...

Common failure analysis of vegetable seed grain planting machine

Time: 2021.01.08
Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine The structure of the opener can be divided into a sharp angle (α<90°) opener and obtuse angle (α>90°) opener according to the soil angle. The sharp angle opener has a shovel type. , Arrow shovel type, wing shovel type, boat shovel type, and cores type, etc., obtuse angle openers include boot shoe type, sliding knife type, single disc type, and double-disc type. Ditcher and stubble-breaking and ditching soil working parts, including flat discs, gap discs, discs with limited depth wheels,...

Performance characteristics of electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice

Time: 2021.01.06
Electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice, also known as low-temperature sterilization, is a sterilization method that uses a lower temperature to kill germs and keep the nutrients and flavors in items unchanged. It is often used in a broad sense to define the need to kill A heat treatment method for pathogenic bacteria. It can kill various growth-type pathogens, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 97.3%-99.9%. After disinfection, only part of the thermophilic bacteria, heat-resistant bacteria, and spores remain, but most of these b...

Seeding process of multi-function peanut planter

Time: 2021.01.06
Tractor mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter can complete ridging, fertilizing, spraying, and mulching operations at one time, simplifying labor procedures and improving work efficiency. The machine’s ridging width, ridge height, seeding depth, and width of the film can be adjusted, and the user can adjust it according to different regions, different soil qualities, and different operation requirements so that the machine has wide adaptability. Tractor mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter during the operation, the d...

Working principle of press fruit juice making machine

Time: 2021.01.04
Industrial double screw press fruit juice making machine is a very common fruit and vegetable processing machinery and equipment. Double screw squeeze juicer is also a very popular type of screw juicer. Whether it is an electric or manual screw juicer, whether it is a screw juicer made of stainless steel or other materials, it is very popular. Then the screw juicer is so popular mainly because its working principle is very special. For example, double-screw squeezing juice is one of the high-quality equipment. Industrial double screw press f...

Structure and principle of ditch fertilization rotary tillage and fertilizer machine

Time: 2021.01.04
Pastoral management ditch fertilization rotary tillage and fertilizer machine is small in size, low in the center of gravity, easy to operate, and can be turned in place. It is suitable for ditching and fertilizing operations of commercial crops such as grapes, fruit trees, mangoes, sugar cane, citrus, walnuts, medlars, blueberries, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of mountains, hills, plains, dry fields, greenhouses, orchards, and narrow areas. Suitable for all kinds of soil: frozen soil, hard soil, clay, black soil, mountain, soft soil ca...
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