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Operation guides of chicken gizzard peeling machine


The chicken gizzard peeling machine is used for the peeling of chicken gizzards and duck gizzards. When the workers work, the spiral corrugating roller is driven by electric power to make the relative rotation, thereby achieving the requirement of peeling off a layer of yellow skin inside the chicken gizzard and the duck gizzard. The machine solves the problem of slow manual operation and improves work efficiency.

This chicken gizzard peeling machine is used for peeling the gizzard. Two types for chosen; single head and double head type. The motor drives the spiral gizzard stripping roller, making it achieve relatively rotate.
1. This series of equipment specialized in chicken, duck, goose, used to peel gizzard.
2. Through the motor turning the special-shaped cutter, to trip gizzard, the effect is good,
3. It adopts stainless steel material.
4. Reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance.

Working principle of chicken gizzard peeling machine

chicken gizzard peeling machine Direct-connected reducer drives swing disc operation, which makes chicken claws move spirally between disc-throwing rubber sticks and cylinder rubber sticks, thus achieving chicken feet peeling.

Operation guides of chicken gizzard peeling machine

1. Place the machine on the ground horizontal, and fix it securely.
2. Connect the power supply, observe whether the motor rotation is abnormal, and see if the direction of operation is correct (clockwise from top to bottom), otherwise, the connection should be reconnected.
3.When the chicken gizzard peeling machine everything is working properly, we can start to work. First, we should put the chicken feet into hot water for blanching for about 3-5minutes, thus chicken feet yellow skin can be removed completely.
4.Then turn on the machine, put in the chicken feet (2/3 of the volume of the cylinder is appropriate). At the same time, turn on the flushing switch to start peeling work.
5. After peeling for about 1 minute, turn off the flushing switch and open the outlet cover (note: at this time, the outlet cover can not be fully opened, can only open about 45 degrees), chicken claws will be automatically thrown out from the cylinder through the outlet cover.
6.After peeling finished, the waste inside and outside the machine should be cleaned up for next time use.


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