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Performance characteristics of electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice


Electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice, also known as low-temperature sterilization, is a sterilization method that uses a lower temperature to kill germs and keep the nutrients and flavors in items unchanged. It is often used in a broad sense to define the need to kill A heat treatment method for pathogenic bacteria. It can kill various growth-type pathogens, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 97.3%-99.9%. After disinfection, only part of the thermophilic bacteria, heat-resistant bacteria, and spores remain, but most of these bacteria are lactic acid bacteria, which are not only harmless to humans but beneficial to health.

Electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice uses insulation and a current disconnect switch to take out the power from the circuit and the machine. Use appropriate tools to confirm whether the return wires are connected together, and do not touch the capacitors when they are not completely heated. Before the electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice is energized, all people must leave the machine. The door of the operation panel can only be opened when investigating electricity and wires to confirm whether the insulation device is operating normally. The cover of the insulation panel must be closed at the end of the operation. The machine adopts a fully enclosed gear transmission, compact mechanism, stable operation, reliable work, and convenient maintenance. The head and food-contact parts are made of stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free. The casing has smooth lines and is easy to clean. The equipment has its own filter. The net and the oil collecting drawer prevent a large amount of oil from entering the pipeline and dripping directly into the oil collecting drawer.

In each temperature zone in the electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice, the temperature of the product is finely adjusted. When passing through the tunnel, the container is sprayed with water at different temperatures, that is, the heating phase, the sterilization phase, and the cooling phase. An electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice converts the PU value set by the temperature controller into the actual control temperature curve of each temperature zone water tank and controls the temperature change in each temperature zone through temperature detection. The main drive motor of the sterilization assembly line drives the upper and lower two layers of the bottle chain network to step by step heating and preheating of the material through three temperature zones at one time, and the sterilization of two temperature zones and the stepwise cooling and cooling of three temperature zones. the process of.

Performance characteristics of electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice

1. Suitable for various sizes of flexible packaging products;
2. The crawler adopts stainless steel chain plate or mesh belt, which is strong and durable;
3. Temperature adjustment adopts imported automatic temperature control system;
4. Design the intermediate transition section of sterilization and cooling to ensure the taste of the product;
5. All bearings adopt imported anti-corrosion system to ensure the service life of the equipment;
6. Continuous production, stepless speed regulation, adjustable sterilization time;
7. The use of the elevator to transport, reduce labor intensity, and save expenses;
8. Sterilization temperature: arbitrarily set within the range of 80-100°C; the outlet water temperature is 20-40°C.


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