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Precautions for purchasing peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller


Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller is successfully developed by our company through unremitting efforts. The product has the characteristics of small and convenient, lightweight, easy to move, simple installation, high production efficiency, low cost, and good cleaning effect. This machine is the advanced mechanical equipment for peeling peanuts.

Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller has a unique design, which can complete all tasks such as peeling, separating, re-stripping, cleaning, and kernel grading of peanuts in one feeding. The peanut kernels are classified by wind primary selection, fan vibrating screen specific gravity, stratification separation, rescaling, cleaning, and classification. This machine adopts tube dehulling, sharp primary selection, and separation of specific gravity. The selected peanut kernels can be directly put into a sack, which has the characteristics of low cost, high dehulling efficiency, and labor-saving. A peanut shelling machine is a machine that takes off the peanut shells and keeps the peanuts intact through a high-speed rotating body.

Advantages of peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller

1. The peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller can be put into production after debugging and can be put into production. Before using the peanut sheller, choose a place with safe operation, a solid foundation, flat and dry ground.
Note: When working in the open air, the wind direction should be consistent with the direction of the shell outlet.

2. Before the operation, first check whether the fasteners of each part are loose. If they are found to be loose, they should be tightened immediately before starting the machine. It should be idling for 10 minutes after starting up, and no abnormal conditions can be confirmed before the feeding operation.

3. The peanuts to be dehulled should be screened and removed, and then the appropriate sieve should be selected according to the size of the peanut. The Hexie peanut peeling machine is equipped with 3 sieves, which can effectively improve the quality and reduce the crushing rate.

4. When the peanut sheller is in production, the feeding amount should be even, and the amount should not fluctuate.

5. If an abnormal sound occurs in the Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller, the power should be cut off immediately, and the feeding should be stopped. After the standby device stops rotating, the cause can be checked.

6. After the daily production is over, you should stop the machine to check whether the fasteners of the drum, fan, screen box, air blower, and various bearing seats are loose. If they are loose, they must be tightened at any time.

Precautions for purchasing peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller

1. Choose a powerful manufacturer: the price of the peanut sheller is about several thousand yuan, but users are best to visit on site. On-site test machine to understand the quality and performance of the equipment, choose the manufacturer first because it has a certain strength. The second is to provide you with perfect after-sales service and original accessories, which are the strong backing you need very much later.

2. Choose to meet your own needs: Peanut shellers are divided into different types and models according to the output and performance. You can choose according to your own requirements for the equipment, or you can tell the salesperson what kind of effect you want to achieve, let him provide you with several options, and choose the appropriate peanut sheller equipment through comparison.

3. Don’t choose items by price: Don’t use the price as the basis for choosing equipment. Of course, it is best to buy high-quality and low-cost equipment, but you must ensure the quality of the equipment. It is recommended that before purchasing a peanut/groundnut thresher with a dust removal sheller, you need to understand the price of the equipment in the entire industry. There may be a small difference in the price, but if it is too low, or even lower than the production cost of the equipment, then you have to Be careful, don’t think you have taken a big bargain if you buy it. These devices are probably refurbished or the quality of the equipment is poor. If this is the case, it will cause big problems for later use. Don’t make the wrong choice because of cheapness.


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