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Precautions for using coconut meat grinder grating machine


Commercial electric coconut meat grinder grating machine is the necessary equipment for meat food processing. It can directly cut the unthawed meat pieces into meat pieces of different specifications, without damaging the muscle fiber tissue, and the meat material has a small temperature rise, which is conducive to product preservation and prolongs the shelf life. Make the preliminary preparations for chopping or mixing. Since there is no need to defrost, the nutrition and meat flavor are maintained. It can be minced at -18℃ and frozen in chunks, and fresh meat can also be processed. The device does not damage the structure of muscle fibers. No need to defrost, reduce the loss of nutrients and protein of the meat, and can also wring the slowed meat.

Features of electric coconut meat grinder grating machine

1. The appearance design is relatively fashionable to meet the aesthetic requirements of many people, and the structure design is reasonable and easy to operate and use;
2. The split design makes it convenient to clean the machine. The container is at the bottom, which is more convenient and practical than other mixers on the market. In this case, there is no need to worry about the crushed juice flowing out;
3. The 250W motor has strong power. Please operate according to the instructions in order to extend the service life. The container is made of toughened glass material, which is more durable. The household meat grinder uses a 1L capacity meat grinder, which can meet the different needs of large and small families;
4. Commercial electric coconut meat grinder grating machine is suitable for food for babies and the elderly. It can stir a variety of foods: carrots, garlic paste, etc., suitable for multi-functional use in modern families;
5. The blade uses food sanitation grade stainless steel for mixing, which is safe and safe to use;
6. The color of the meat minced by the household meat grinder is bright red, and the whole adopts detachable parts, which is easy to disassemble and clean, and it is convenient to clean;
7. Designed to use a large button to move the switch button to protect the life of the machine and the use process is relatively safe;
8. The internal motor has the function of over-temperature protection and has a longer service life. The small black button safety switch device is also designed for safe use;
9. It is equipped with a power-on safety lock, the upper face mask does not jam and the machine does not turn, ensuring the safety of the user’s operation.

Precautions for using coconut meat grinder grating machine

1. The commercial electric coconut meat grinder grating machine is strictly prohibited from reaching into the meat grinder during the rotating process, so as to avoid injury to hands.
2. The meat to be minced must be cleaned of skin, bones, and tendons. And cut the meat into thin strips, so as not to damage the machine. If the skin and tendons of the meat must be ground, they should be cut and small.
3. When the machine starts empty, the rotation direction of the screw must be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow sign. After normal operation, the meat can be put into the meat grinder for grinder, otherwise, it will easily cause the meat to jam the machine parts, which will make the machine unable to start and operate normally. Burn out the motor.
4. If it is found that the motor is running abnormally, immediately cut off the power supply and stop the machine to check the cause to see if there is any stuck skin, bone, or muscle.

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