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Precautions for using the sealing machine


Sealing machine is not very common for us. It is only used in related industries. The sealing machine occupies an important position in the industry. Let me introduce the operating steps of the sealing machine and the precautions for using the sealing machine.

Operation steps of sealing machine

Inspection and preparation before starting:
1. This machine adopts a 220V single-phase AC power supply and is equipped with a three-pin socket for shell grounding. Before use, check whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements, whether the wiring is firm, and whether the bottom line is connected.
2. Adjust the height of the sealing machine according to the operator’s work situation.
3. Check whether the lubrication of each rotating part is good, and inject the proper amount of lubricating oil.
4. If the heating tube is used for the first time or when the use interval is too long, the electric heating tube may get damp, and the insulation resistance may decrease (normal). It should be preheated at a low temperature for half an hour before normal operation.
5. Adjust the height and front and back positions of the conveyor table of the automatic film sealing machine according to the size and filling volume of the packaging bag. For height adjustment, use a special meniscus wrench to loosen the bridge gear nut, adjust it properly, and tighten it; adjust the position of the sealing width positioning frame according to the sealing size.

Boot operation:
1. Press the power switch first, and the indicator light inside the button is on.
2. Turn the speed control knob to adjust the conveyor belt to the required running speed.
3. Press the heating switch, the indicator light in the button is on, and then turn the knob under the temperature controller to make the pointer point to the desired temperature value. At this time, the green light in the temperature controller is on, and the ironing head starts to heat up. When the temperature reaches the specified value, the green light When the red light is off, the sealing machine can start working.
4. Press the fan switch as needed (the thin layer of material needs to be cooled), the indicator light in the button is on, and the cooling fan is activated.

Shutdown operation:
1. In order to prolong the service life of the sealing tape, the heating switch must be turned off (the indicator light of the button is off) before stopping the machine, the temperature of the ironing head will drop, and the sealing tape will continue to run for a period of time.
2. After about half an hour, the fan switch and power switch can be turned off, the whole machine stops, and the indicator light in the button is off.

Precautions for using the sealing machine

1. When we currently use the soymilk sealing machine, the product is not used in metal containers and products with metal lids, and the sealing machine cannot be placed on a metal table and press the switch to start the machine because it will The sealing machine causes damage.

2. Before the sealing machine is connected to the power supply, the induction aviation plug must be inserted and the screws must be tightened.

3. The soymilk sealing machine we use uses a three-wire power circuit, and the power socket used must also be a three-wire socket, and the environment where it works must be dry to maintain insulation to avoid static electricity.

4. The sealing machine equipment has the function of self-protection. When the temperature of the machine is too high, the buzzer inside the machine will beep for a long time and a yellow indicator light such as “abnormal protection (pro.MD.)” will be displayed, so at this time, We need to turn off the power switch and continue working after the buzzer stops beeping.

5. In the process of working, the sealing machine sometimes touches the surface of the sensor head. At that time, we need to check whether the equipment is overheated. If the temperature is too high, it needs to be cooled before working, and cooling is not necessary to turn off the power. As long as the “warmup” green light is no longer lit, work is in progress.

6. The fuse equipped with the sealing machine itself is 5A, and it cannot be replaced with a fuse larger or smaller than 5A to avoid malfunction.

7. If you find any exposed wires before use, you should stop using the machine and wait for repairs before using it.

8. When we operate the sealing machine, we must follow the instructions on the operation and have a detailed understanding of its operation steps. If we find that the sealing machine has quality problems when we understand, please contact us immediately and we will Carry out maintenance and maintenance of the product.

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