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Preparation and commissioning of honey cup form filling seal machinery


Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery, all of which are fully automatic high-speed sealing machines, adopt PLC control system and can adjust the production speed. From cup dropping, filling, capping, and sealing, all are fully automatic operations. Electrical and pneumatic components are made by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, with stable quality and long service life. The important mechanical parts are made by advanced precision machining centers, with good mechanical coordination, stable work, advanced performance, and reliable quality. The machine temperature control system adopts a new electric heating constant temperature controller, which is a new generation of intelligent heating system with good temperature control effect, more energy-saving, new design, reasonable and beautiful structure, acid-resistant stainless steel and acid-resistant aluminum alloy materials, which meet hygienic standards and are easy to maintain.

This machine is suitable for filling various liquid foods (such as milk, yogurt, fresh cream, and fruit juice drinks), and can be matched with options for filling high-viscosity, granular or solid food or non-food. The new CAP-PAC capping machine can be directly installed on the equipment, and all kinds of plastic bottle caps are directly ultrasonically welded to the reserved holes of the roof carton cap.

Features of honey cup form filling seal machinery

1. This series of machines all adopt domestic and foreign famous brand electric appliances and transmission components, and coding machines can be installed according to user needs.
2. The whole machine adopts touch screen operation, simple operation, only one person is required to operate, no human hands are required to touch the material.
3. Applicable cup types: round cup, peach-shaped cup, panda cup, heart-shaped cup, butterfly cup, the special-shaped cup can also be customized.
4. Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery has the characteristics of convenient cleaning, high sealing strength, good sealing performance, and low failure rate. The whole machine adopts 304# food stainless steel, which will never rust.
5. Fully automatic, cup dropping, ultraviolet sterilization, filling, coding, first sealing, photoelectric pattern correction, second sealing, cup lid cutting, discharging, and other processes.

Preparation and commissioning of honey cup form filling seal machinery

1. It must be grounded before starting to ensure production safety,
2. Connect the power source, air source, and footswitch before starting the machine (the air source and power connector are on the back wall of the electrical box under the machine, and the footswitch is measured inside the right side of the tripod).
3. Start the air compressor, and the sealing pressure needs to be adjusted to between 0.04-0.06Mpa.
4. Adjust the height of the roller table according to the height of the packaging bag.
5. Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery According to the material and thickness of the packaging bag, select the heat-sealing time and heat-sealing voltage. The heat-sealing voltage is 30V for the I gear, 36V for the II gear, and the heat-sealing time is adjustable. For 0-5 seconds, the debugging process should be gradually adjusted from low to high.
a. The thickness of the single-layer plastic film is less than 0.06mm, and the voltage should be in the I level. For thick films or paper-plastic composite materials, the voltage should be in the II level.
b. The heat-sealing time is qualified. After several bags are continuously heat-sealed, the heat-sealing time should be shortened appropriately.
c. After the heat-sealing time is over, the pressure should be kept for a few seconds, and the sealed part should be removed after cooling down, keeping the bag mouth flat, heat-sealing thicker bags, and the cooling time should be extended appropriately. The machine relay is inside the machine head, open The back cover can be adjusted.
6. After the adjustment switches are selected, test sealing can be performed.
7. The bag opening should be controlled during heat sealing, and the footswitch should not be stepped on when the bag opening is flattened to avoid accidents.
8. If you need an emergency stop, please press the emergency stop switch on the back of the machine, and the machine can be restored!


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