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Preparation before use of full automatic commercial cotton candy machine


Full automatic commercial cotton candy machine can be used to produce cotton candy floss. Sugar is the main material, adding other ingredients into a big pot can produce various tastes and different colorful candy floss. It is no longer a single white, but red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and other colors, flavors of candy floss, such as green apple, strawberry, grapes, melon, peach, orange, taro, environmental health, and delicious.

Full automatic commercial cotton candy machine adopts advanced baking technology, fine workmanship, and beautiful appearance. It is not only more convenient to use but also a functional and quality upgrade! The enlarged and thicker sugar extractor improves the sugar yield, does not paste sugar, reduces waste, the louver type design is more reasonable, and the heat dissipation effect is good; the motor adopts the imported high-speed rotating motor to work continuously for 48 hours, the heat dissipation is good, and the rotation is stable. Noise; thick stainless steel basin with exquisite curling design, easy to load and unload!

Features of full automatic commercial cotton candy machine

1. The machine is a stepless speed control switch, adjustable speed;
2. It has a shock absorption system, the sugar is smooth rotation, low noise, easy to use, no foot, for the commercial;
3. Efficient LPG heating devices, greatly reducing the cotton candy was made;
4. A small investment, quick, can recover the cost of two days, low cost of sugar, a pound of sugar can produce 10 times more profit, considerable benefits;
5. The machine with a sugar bowl, you can add a variety of colored sugar, producing colorful fancy colored marshmallows.

Preparation before use of full automatic commercial cotton candy machine

1. Before using, please read this manual to understand the structure and performance of the machine, familiar with the machine’s main components and related security operations to better play its advantages, to achieve satisfactory results.
2. Taken from the rear carton machines, each corresponding to a component mounting position.
3. Full automatic commercial cotton candy machine should be placed on a flat surface to ensure its stability.
4. Before power, check the power supply voltage is used, and this machine is consistent with the voltage, outlet compliance with safety standards, and has been installed leakage protection switch and take a good ground. Confirm all meet the electricity requirements.
5. Prior to using, turned around and drip pan must be cleaned with water and clean water can be turned around within the first turn on the power switch by rotating the sugar water rejection to the head, then turn off the power switch, to be turned around and stopped the rotation and then with a soft cloth wipe clean.

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