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Production steps of mini magic pop rice cake machine


Mini magic pop rice cake machine selects the forming plate to move vertically to the left and right to cooperate with each other to achieve quick opening and closing. The rice cake forming machine adopts imported fiber material knife block, flexibly uses the basic principles of structural mechanics to balance the bearing force to reduce friction, clean up other knife blocks, rely on the main knife to push other auxiliary knives to move, easy to wear, easy to be affected by weather changes, and heat barriers. Can all the difficulties of normal production and manufacturing. The production of the rice cake forming machine is stable and greatly increases the service life of the forming knife block.

Advantages of mini magic pop rice cake machine

1. Convenient actual operation: fully automatic material opening, fully automatic molding, one person can actually operate.
2. Reliable quality: The rice cakes produced by the rice cake machine are refreshing and crystal clear, not sticky after cooking, rich in nutrition, and delicious.
3. One machine with multiple functions: The rice cake machine can produce rice cakes, rice paste, vermicelli, cold noodles, and other products according to different molds.
4. Mini magic pop rice cake machine is efficient and energy-saving: the automatic rice cake machine is efficient and energy-saving, only one motor is needed, and no other electric energy such as fuel is needed. The automatic rice cake machine is more than 40% more energy-efficient than traditional rice cake machines, improving efficiency.
5. Excellent processing technology: the automatic rice cake machine equipment has excellent processing technology, and the program is useful. The raw material of the automatic rice cake machine does not need to be steamed, and it is formed in one step. According to the fuel and working pressure, the equipment will be heated immediately and automatically.

Performance characteristics of mini magic pop rice cake machine

1. Automation: transmission mechanism, double-cylinder double-screw automatic maturation, instrument monitoring, easy operation, digital temperature control, good product maturation.
2. Good performance: fully enclosed structure, mechanical and electrical integration, compact and smooth appearance, the product is pressed out by this machine under high temperature, high pressure, and airtight conditions, which meets food hygiene standards.
3. One machine with multiple functions: changing molds can produce various specifications of rice noodles, rice noodles, rice noodles, corn noodles, wheat noodles, potato vermicelli, bean vermicelli, etc. It can also produce rice cakes, rice cakes, cold noodles, etc. It is widely used in all starchy food crops such as rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, sweet potato (sweet potato, vetch), potato (potato), peas, mung bean, etc.
4. There is no need for supporting equipment, saving the cost of site equipment and labor investment.

Production steps of mini magic pop rice cake machine

Mini magic pop rice cake machine soaking rice → beating → de-drying → loose powder → steaming → forming → refrigeration → disconnection → outer packaging.
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