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Purchase skills of industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine


The Industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine is actually very easy to understand. It is a blender that uses the high-speed motion of the knife net at several thousand revolutions per minute to chop up everything that is put into it and mix them together. Furthermore, in order to make the blender get the juice, we will add a filter inside, and then the knife net will crush the fruit, the strong centrifugal force will “throw” the juice out, and the pomace will remain inside.

In principle, the industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine is capable of very versatile. Because there are different combinations of blades and containers, it can meet the needs of fruit juice, baby food, meat cutting, and grinding spices. It can be said that the function is very powerful.

Industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine is used for the solid-liquid separation of macroscopic materials that contain certain fibrous or viscous materials. Such as fermented grape pomace, ginger, spinach, rubber, winter dates, and other fruits containing certain fiber and vegetable juice extraction is also used for continuous juice extraction of seabuckthorn fruits that have been removed from branches or contain a small number of twigs. The sieve holes are specially made according to the size of seabuckthorn seeds.

Purchase skills of industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine

1. Industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine is very simple to operate, but its high-speed operation will bring certain dangers, so fruit juicer must-have safety protection function and protection design. Fruit juice squeezers are generally equipped with safety locking devices. If the accessories are not installed in place, the machine will not work properly. So when purchasing, you can try to turn on the power carefully and check whether the machine is equipped with a safety locking device.

2. Industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine needs to be cleaned after use, but the cleaning is simple and easy, mainly to clean the residue left in the fruit juicer. For a healthy diet, cleaning has become very important. In order to facilitate cleaning in the future, you need to choose a better juicer.

3. Pay attention to the function when choosing a fruit juicer. A good juicer is mainly reflected in the juice extraction effect. It is best to test it on the spot. The juice extraction is clean and thorough and the water content in the pomace is low. It is best to choose several different fruit tests in the field test, so as to really test the juice extraction ability of the juicer.

4. The parts of the juicer should be of high quality, especially the blades and other parts. These are the core components of the juicer, and it is necessary to check whether the quality is good. The quality is durable and there will be no frequently replaced parts. You can send more to the sales staff.

5. The rotational speed of the industrial fruit crushing and juicing machine must be uniform and slow. At least below 100 rpm, preferably 70-90 rpm. There is no noise when the fruit juicer rotates, and there is little vibration. Whether the switch machine can stop rotating immediately.

6. It is better to choose the shell of the fruit juicer. Because this is the drink we drink, the plastic of the juicer must be clean and hygienic. Make sure that the plastic of the juicer does not smell like plastic, which is a guarantee for human health.

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