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Safe operation of electric coconut meat grinder grating machine


The electric meat grinder is automated equipment used to mincemeat. It is convenient and simple to use, and the minced meat is very uniform. It is now widely used in households and industries. However, there may be many people who still do not know how to use an electric meat grinder correctly. So, what are the characteristics of an electric meat grinder? How to operate safely when in use?

Features of electric coconut meat grinder grating machine

1. The appearance design is relatively fashionable to meet the aesthetic requirements of many people, and the structure design is reasonable and easy to operate and use;
2. The split design makes it easy to clean the machine. The container is at the bottom, which is more convenient and practical than other mixers on the market. In this case, there is no need to worry about the crushed juice flowing out;
3. The 250W motor has strong power. Please operate according to the instructions in order to extend the service life. The container is made of toughened glass material, which is more durable. The domestic meat grinder uses a 1L capacity meat grinder, which can meet the different needs of large and small families;
4. The blade uses food sanitation grade stainless steel for mixing, which is safe and safe to use;
5. The minced meat mixed by the electric coconut meat grinder grating machine is bright red, and the whole adopts detachable parts, which is easy to disassemble and clean and easy to clean;
6. The design and use of large-key inching switch buttons protect the life of the machine and the use process is relatively safe;
7. The internal motor has the function of over-temperature protection and has a longer service life. The black small button safety switch device is also designed for safe use;
8. It is equipped with a power-on safety lock, the upper face mask does not jam and the machine does not turn, ensuring the safety of the user’s operation.

Safe operation of electric coconut meat grinder grating machine

1. Before using the meat grinder, you need to rinse the machine briefly. This will not only ensure the cleanliness of the machine but also make the meat more smooth.

2. The meat grinder made of stainless steel needs to be installed when in use. When installing, put the roller into the machine cavity, and at the same time drip a few drops of edible oil on the shaft, then install the knife head on the roller With the cutter head facing outwards, installing the twist handle is the last step. Pay attention to the handle facing outwards and align it with the notch.

3. When using the electric coconut meat grinder grating machine to grind meat, it is also necessary to cut large pieces of meat into small pieces or long strips in advance, but not too small pieces, and then add the meat from the feeding port, electric grinder When the machine is grinning meat, press its start button directly, and it can automatically ground meat.

Matters needing attention of electric coconut meat grinder grating machine

1. Clean the washable parts of each part before using the electric meat grinder).
2. Turn on the power after assembly, and add meat after the standby is operating normally.
3. Before grinding the meat, deboning the meat into small pieces (thin strips) to avoid damage to the machine.
4. Turn on the power and add meat after it runs normally.
5. The meat should be added evenly and not too much to avoid damage to the motor. If the machine is found to be running abnormally, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the cause should be checked after stopping.
6. If you find faults such as electric leakage, sparking, etc., you should immediately cut off the power supply and ask an electrician for repairs.
7. Turn off the power after use. Then clean the parts, drain the water, and put them in a dry place for later use.
8. Before use, refer to the requirements of the instruction manual.

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