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Safety inspection of rice-wheat rice mill machine


Rice-wheat rice mill machine is mainly used to process millet milling and sorghum peeled into rice, as well as corn, barley, mung beans, broad beans, oats, soybeans and other grains, as well as traditional Chinese medicine Kochia scoparia After removing the hard hulls and germ parts of grains, especially corn, the edible taste of corn is improved, and the application range of corn is expanded. Corn noodles processed by corn flour after peeling are very popular.

Safety inspection of rice-wheat rice mill machine

1. Before starting the rice-wheat rice mill machine, check whether the rice sieve, rice knife, drum core, machine cover, etc. are damaged, whether they are installed, whether each part of the bolts and nuts are tightened, whether the bearing lacks lubricating oil, and the direction of rotation of the rice roll Whether it is in accordance with the specified direction, and whether all safety shields are installed in place.
2. Pay attention to check whether there are iron nails, stones and other sundries in the rice, so as not to cause blockage or damage the rice sieve when entering the whitening room.
3. Rotate the main shaft (drum) before starting the rice mill to check if it is stuck. After turning on the machine, it should run dry for 5-10 minutes, check whether the rotation of the main shaft is consistent with the specified steering mark, and whether there is any abnormal noise. After confirming that the cutting is normal, the load can be carried out; pour the grain in, and always pay attention to the rice mill Turn the situation.
4. When working under load, the operation should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the rice mill operating instructions. When the feed switch is turned on, the feed should be gradually fed and adjusted according to the variety of raw materials and the accuracy of the finished rice processed.
5. It must be operated at the specified speed, and the spindle speed cannot be increased at will. If abnormal conditions are found, the machine must be shut down for inspection immediately. It is strictly forbidden to troubleshoot when the machine is running.
The machine should be grounded to prevent electric shock.

Main parameters of rice-wheat rice mill machine processing technology

Rotation speed ratio selection of rice-wheat rice mill machine: sorghum 850~1000 r/min; millet 1000~1300 r/min; corn 850~1150 r/min.
Gap selection of the whitening room (the interval between the sand roller and the blocking knife): sorghum 10-14 mm; millet 10-12 mm; corn over 15 mm.
The selection of the size distribution of the emery roller for rice milling machine (sand roll number): sorghum 30, 36; millet 36; corn 20 or 24.
Selection of the diameter of the round hole sieve for the chaff sieve: 1 mm for sorghum; 0.7 mm for millet; 1 mm for corn.
The choice of blocking knife: sorghum rubber knife; corn moulting rubber knife; millet rubber knife; corn crushing iron knife.

Operation steps of rice-wheat rice mill machine

1. Rice-wheat rice mill machine Put the rice-wheat rice mill machine on the working table stably, and plug in the power cord.
2. Determine the whitening time and adjust the timing to execute the knob.
3. Take out the pressed thallium in the hopper, take 17-20g of black rice (the water content should not exceed 15%), put it into the hopper, and let it pour into the whitening room. First press the switch power button to start, and then learn to put down the thallium.
4. When the required time is reached, the rice milling machine will automatically stop and take out the hopper to eliminate chaff. Then insert the receiving hopper, and then take out the pressure thallium, turn the front rotary rocker to the left, so that the polished rice in the white grinding chamber will fall into the receiving hopper, turn the timing execution knob to 0 position, and press the switch power button to make the sand wheel The slice rotates at a high speed for a few seconds to make all the millet grains fall in the whitening room, and then drag out the rice hopper, and the measured rice can be obtained after screening

Startup and shutdown sequence of rice-wheat rice mill machine

When the rice-wheat rice mill machine is switched on, the starting sequence is centrifugal fan, bucket elevator, cleaning machine, stone removing machine, then open the feed water gate, and then start the rice hulling machine and grain separation equipment. When the production and processing are over, first turn off the feed water conservancy gate, and then turn off the cleaning machine, stone remover, hulling machine, grain separation equipment, rice milling machine, bucket elevator and centrifugal fan.

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