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Seeding process of multi-function peanut planter


Tractor mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter can complete ridging, fertilizing, spraying, and mulching operations at one time, simplifying labor procedures and improving work efficiency. The machine’s ridging width, ridge height, seeding depth, and width of the film can be adjusted, and the user can adjust it according to different regions, different soil qualities, and different operation requirements so that the machine has wide adaptability.

Tractor mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter during the operation, the depth-limiting barrel at the front of the machine crushes the soil blocks, builds the soil and shovels the ridge, and applies the fertilizer to the soil between the two rows of peanuts. The seeding wheel evenly sows peanut seeds into the corresponding two grooves. The soil covering board will cover the fertilizer and seeds properly, and smooth the ridge surface. After the spray system sprays the herbicide on the ridge surface, the slackness-adjustable spreading structure spreads the mulching film evenly on the ridge surface. The film pressing roller flattens the mulching film in time, and the soil covering plate compacts the mulching film with the supporting soil. Two soil belts are built on the surface of the mulch by the soil collecting drum. According to the different soil and geology, the width and height of the ridge can be adjusted. The amount of fertilizer application is adjustable. The seed buds of peanuts can drill through the mulch and break the soil without manual drilling, seedling extraction, and soil pressing. The peanuts planted with tractor-mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter, due to standard sowing, uniform soil covering, relatively concentrated seedling emergence, and complete seedlings, fully meet the requirements of peanut mulching planting.

Seeding process of multi-function peanut planter

First, before sowing, it is detected that the seeds are larger than the unthreshed grains, firewood, and other impurities. The coated seeds should be scraped off the binding block of the seed coating agent to prevent the seeding hole of the seeder from being blocked and affecting the seeding quality.
Second, bleach the seeds. For uncoated seeds, you should choose sunny morning or noon, pour the seeds to be sewn into a basin or bucket, add cold water more than 5 times the amount of seeds, stir for 1 minute, and quickly remove the seeds that are not full and floating on the top. Impurities, after 2-3 times of continuous bleaching and filtering, the remaining water is quickly filtered out, spread on newspapers or utensils with good water permeability, and placed in a sunny location to dry quickly, and then packaged for use after continuous exposure for 2-3 days.

Features of multi-function peanut planter

1. Ditching, seeding, and soil covering are completed at one time
2. Comes with power planter, suitable for large area operations
3. Intensive planting of small seeds
4. Easy operation and dexterous turning
5. The seeding wheel made of special materials can accurately drop and drop the seed rate
6. Both sides are equipped with mobile rubber wheels to facilitate the movement of the planter when it is not operating
7. Seeding method: seeding wheel type, free assembly, detachable to increase or decrease the number of rows (number of groups)
8.Tractor mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter can sow different types of seeds by changing the seeding wheel
9. Different types of gears are randomly matched to adjust the plant spacing
-Small and light, suitable for small noodle planting and mountainous use
-By replacing the seeding wheel with the same model, all kinds of small and medium seeds can be planted
-Sowing depth easily adjustable
-Driving non-stick soil design to reduce resistance.

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