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Standard operation steps of food dehydrator machine


The food dehydrator machine for fruit and vegetable is a machine designed using the principle of centrifugal force to remove excess water contained in vegetables and fruits. It is mainly used in the food processing industry and can be connected to a vegetable washing machine. Generally used in large canteens of food processing plants, schools, and hotels, this machine is suitable for dehydration of vegetable roots, stems, leaves, and fruits. The food dehydrator machine puts the vegetables to be dehydrated into a net bag and then closes the machine cover to start dehydration. Can be defoliated vegetables, root vegetables.

Standard operation steps of food dehydrator machine

1. For your personal safety, read this manual carefully before proceeding. Familiar with the application and limitations of machine knowledge is like the potential hazards associated with machines.

2. Keep the protective cover in place and follow the work instructions.

3. Remove the keys and wrenches for adjustment. Make a habit. Before starting the machine, check whether the keys and wrenches for adjustment have been removed from the machine.

4. Keep the work area clean and messy areas and workbenches can cause accidents.

5. Do not use in wet or rainy places, or expose it to rain, and keep the work area well illuminated

6. Children should not be close to all visitors and must keep a safe distance in the work area.

7. The factory must prevent children from opening the padlock or removing the starting key.

8. Do not force the machine to perform work safely at its designed speed.

9. Do not use the correct tools to force the machine or additional devices to perform the work.

Food dehydrator machine for fruit and vegetable is the rapid dehydration of fresh vegetables so that the moisture content of the vegetables is rapidly reduced. The fast-drying vegetables are conducive to storage and long-distance transportation, and can also be further used as raw materials for further processing. As new production equipment for vegetable processing, the dehydrator has broad development prospects in the domestic and foreign food markets.

At present, the production scale of dehydrated vegetables is large, the degree of automation of the dehydrator is already high, manual operation links are reduced, and the production efficiency, product quality, and economic benefits are greatly improved. The fruit and vegetable dehydrator has a good application effect in production. Because of its small investment, low cost, and good economic benefits, it has been favored and praised by customers, and it meets the needs of vegetable dehydration production.

The food dehydrator machine for fruit and vegetable adopts the principle of centrifugal dehydration, the whole machine runs smoothly, is safe, convenient and hygienic, and durable. The dehydrator is a good helper for vegetable processing, with strong water rejection, sufficient power, and high efficiency. It adopts modern food machinery concept design and advanced food machinery manufacturing technology. The whole machine is made of stainless steel SUS304. It is hygienic and reliable in use and meets the actual requirements of the food industry.

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