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Standard use process of tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine


Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine has a high-precision seed metering machine, the precision can achieve one hole, one grain, and multiple grains (according to different needs), and the plant spacing/depth can be adjusted on-demand. Features: Simple. Ditching, sowing, covering the soil, one-time completion, can sow carrots, turnips, beets, onions, taro, spinach, green bamboo shoots, cabbage, asparagus, bacon, lettuce, celery, cabbage, pakchoi, Green onions, potherb mustard, rape, pepper, broccoli, rape and other small particles of vegetables and seeds. Seeds are planted when the machine is moving forward and not planted when it is moving backward, reducing seed waste.

Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine is suitable for all crops in dry land. It is the product of farmers’ friends who realize agricultural mechanization. The working principle of Tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine is to precisely control the number of seeds through the seeding control system of this machine. When sowing, the distance is determined according to the amount, and the relatively regular single grains of the seeds are discharged on the soil with a better seedling environment. Floor. Makes the spacing of the seedlings natural and reasonable, reducing the labor of artificial squatting and thinning. The sowing efficiency is more than 15 times that of artificial sowing. Every mu saves 4-5 days of thinning investment. Large area planting saves 400-500 yuan per mu for artificial thinning.

Features of tractor-mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine

1. Light body: suitable for vegetable farmers of all kinds of people.
2. Convenient and fast, save time and effort.
3. Adjustable seeding: The flywheel of the fixed power conveyor belt is composed of multiple card slots, and the seeding density can be adjusted according to different actual conditions. It can achieve the ideal effect without thinning and shaving.
4. The seedlings are evenly distributed, with low competitiveness, uniform, and strong seedlings, and the yield can be increased by 10%-20%.
5. Saving and environmental protection: People provide power, which can reduce expenses and pollution.
6. Simple structure: the working conditions are clear at a glance, and it is sturdy and durable. The body is made of aluminum alloy and is made with precision. It eliminates the brush and plastic wheels in the traditional seeding process, which greatly extends the service life.
7. A wide range of applications: leaf rapeseed, cabbage seed, mustard greens, cabbage seeds, Shanghai greens, big head greens, baby cabbage, lettuce, and many other particulate vegetable seeds!
8. Accurate and even sowing: The limited amount of seeding port controls the cutting amount so that the seeding is accurate and even!

Standard use process of tractor mounted vegetable seed grain planting machine

1. For the newly purchased planter, assemble the product according to the instructions (simple steps, no particularly cumbersome assembly process); if it is a product from last year, be sure to check whether there are any problems with the parts.
2. Pay attention to debugging after the assembly is completed, because the land in each area is different, so the density is different. You can experiment at home and make reasonable adjustments.
3. Fieldwork, the trial broadcast is about 10-30 meters, debugging according to specific conditions, if there is no problem, start planting work.

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