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Structure-function of hot melt pillow packing machine


The hot melt pillow packing machine has been used in several fields throughout the world, such as all kinds of food(moon cake, biscuit, bread, pancake, chocolate, egg pie, instant noodle, candy, candied date, popsicle, and so on), vegetables, fruit, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical supplies, industrial food, etc.

Features of hot melt pillow packing machine

1. Dual frequency converter control, bag length can be set and cut precisely, saving time and film.
2. Imported touch screen, the easy setting value of the machine.
3. PLC controller system and touch screen display
4. Fault detecting, which is shown on the screen.
5. Import brand photoelectric sensor track color mark high sensitive.No need to set the length of the bag, intelligent cutting length.
6. Side sealing by hob, much higher speed.
7. PID digital temperature controller for perfect wrapping.
8.The conveyor is stainless steel to meet food safety.

Applications of hot-melt pillow packing machine

Hot melt pillow packing machine is designed for solid type pillow packaging, suitable for packaging all kinds of solid and regular objects, such as biscuits, bread, moon cakes, candy, and it can also apply for daily necessities, industrial parts and so on. For the bulk, individual separated or non-solid objects, just place them in the box first, or tied together into a unit, they can be packaged in this machine.

Structure-function of hot melt pillow packing machine

1.Touching controller with the person-machine interface, parameter enacted quickly, high speed and high efficiency
2. Adopting the tracing technology through photoelectricity, with digital input and sealing and cutting position nicely.
3. Hot melt pillow packing machine diagnosing the troublesome and indicating to give an alarm
4. Constant-temperature adjusting, brainpower controlling, and being suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
5. Controlled by Double frequency conversion, the bag length can be cut with the enacting To finish by one step, saving time and saving film.

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