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Technical parameters of straws packing machine


Stainless Steel multifunctional pieces of straws packing machine is a kind of equipment that automatically packs multiple beverage straws into bags. The whole machine is composed of a driving motor, transmission system, film automatic tension unwinding device, pipe filling device, automatic sealing, and cutting device, finished product conveying device, etc. The machine has a high degree of automation, and the production speed can replace more than 10 manual operations, saving Material, and personnel costs.

Main performance and structural characteristics of straws packing machine

1. This machine adopts touch screen control, the main control circuit adopts intelligent chip, accurate measurement, automatic detection of electrical faults, simple operation, and convenient adjustment.

2. Adopting high-quality dual-frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear, and long life.

3. High-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.

4. The bag length does not need to be manually set, and the equipment is automatically detected and automatically set during operation.

5. Stainless Steel multifunctional pieces of straws packing machine the packaging speed and bag length are controlled by dual frequency converters, stepless variable speed, a wide range of arbitrary adjustments, and can be perfectly matched with the previous process of the production line.

6. Adjustable end sealing structure makes the sealing more perfect and eliminates the phenomenon of bag cutting.

7. The conveying table is stainless steel, and the host part is sprayed with plastic and baking paint. It can also be made of all stainless steel according to customer needs.

8. Fully automatic unloading to save labor.

Technical parameters of straws packing machine

Power supply voltage Power supply: 220v 2.5kw
Production capacity: 30 packs to 100 packs/min
Packing method: three-sided sealing
Packing material: composite plastic film
Packaging material width: customized according to the number of customers (2-100)
Product specifications: diameter φ2.5~φ120mm length 50~210mm (can be customized)
Machine size: length 2500×width 800×height 2000mm
Weight: 600kg
The processing and customization of this product are, the use is a blister machine, the product alias is stainless Steel multifunctional pieces of straws packing machine, the heat sealing area is 10 (mm), the packaging type is a bag, tape, tube, barrel, and the finished size is 2500 long × width 800 × height 2000mm (mm), applicable objects are milk tea, fruit juice drinks, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, oils, applicable industries are catering, chemicals, daily chemicals, food, toys, medicine, hardware, machinery.

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