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The working principle of the silage baler packing machine


The full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine is to provide a straw silage baler packing machine with a high degree of automation, saving manpower, reducing the cost of straw silage processing, and improving processing power. The new model uses the following technical solutions: a straw green storage baler, including a kneading machine, a baler, and a film wrapping machine.

The working principle of the silage baler packing machine

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine consists of two parts: baler and film. When we start to use the integrated machine, we should put the twine on the baler. Put the hemp rope into the clamping tube, then put the film feeding roll into the support shaft of the film feeding frame according to the direction required by the instruction, and put it away. First, feed the fixed bin manually through the front of the machine. When the bales are large enough that the fixed bin and the movable bin touch a certain degree of density, the idle roller above the movable bin and the signal wheel on the left will rotate evenly. Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine The operator moves the winding clutch handle, and the machine starts to reciprocate the rope bundling. After winding the rope once, the hemp rope is automatically cut off, and the warehouse is opened immediately for baler packing. The bale is directly dropped onto the rotating frame of the film wrapping machine through the conveyor belt, the film is pulled out by hand, the rotation button is activated, and the rotating frame drives the rotation of the bale. The operator should simultaneously and quickly press the membrane to the middle of the bale, and rotate with the bale once, and then immediately let go. The silage PE film is gradually wrapped around the bale layer by layer, and the bale will revolve with the rotating frame. When the number of layers is set, the clutch is automatically disengaged and the rotating frame stops. The operator cuts the forage film between the bale and the film frame, presses the broken end of the forage film into the overlap of the end surface of the bale, and then removes the wrapped bale from the wrapping machine and arranges it neatly. Do not put more than four packs in a high stack, because too high and too heavy will easily deform the lower membrane, causing air to enter, which will cause the forage to deteriorate and become moldy.

Features of silage baler packing machine

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine is characterized in that the feeding end of the kneading machine is equipped with automatic feeding and conveying equipment. When the feeding end of the baler needs to be destroyed by the rubbing machine, the device has a storage hopper. The storage is located at the output end of the rubbing machine. Below the storage hopper is a feeding roller set that controls the feeding condition. Conveyor belt transmission equipment.

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine The door of the discharge end is controlled by an oil cylinder or cylinder to control the opening and closing conditions. The wrapping machine is located on the lower side of the discharge end of the strapping machine, and an oil cylinder or air cylinder for supporting materials is provided under the silo of the wrapping machine. The rubbing machine, strapping machine, wrapping machine, and hydraulic system operate harmoniously. The discharge of the baler is provided with an inclined guide plate, which can guide the bale after the bale to the silo of the wrapping machine after being reduced in speed.

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine is a fixed strapping machine, which can reliably pick up and bundle the rubbed corn stalks and pastures. The bale density is large, and the silage wrapping machine cooperates with the silage wrapping machine, and the storage time is long after wrapping. This machine uses thickened wall panels, thickened aluminum rods, and core shafts, external fixed bearing seats, and a reciprocating screw-type rope winding system.

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine is suitable for the silage of corn and orange stalks, purple Shifa, sugarcane tail leaves, sweet potato vines, reeds, and bean seedlings, so that crop waste can be turned into treasure.

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