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Tips for choosing a tractor-mounted corn harvester


With the gradual saturation of the wheat and rice machine harvest market, Tractor mounted corn harvester has become another new tool for farmers to get rich after the wheat and rice machine harvest. In the face of many types of corn combine harvesters at home and abroad, how to choose and use corn combine harvesters to obtain the best economic benefits is the most concerning issue. What are the tips for choosing a corn combine harvester?

Tips for choosing a tractor-mounted corn harvester

First, consider the quality of people
Tractor mounted corn harvester from foreign self-propelled, high-horsepower, intelligent to the current domestic production of small and medium-sized tractors as the main power, the configuration can harvest one to four rows of corn at a time. When choosing an investment, First of all, according to one’s own mechanical technology level, the mastery, control, and maintenance capabilities of mechatronics. Try to choose equipment that is simple in structure, easy to master, easy to operate and maintain, good in harvest performance, and in line with your own technical qualifications.

Second, regional adaptability should be considered
1. Everyone knows that most tractors mounted corn harvesters produced at home and abroad require “opposite harvesting”, and the row spacing of corn planting in various parts of my country is very different, even the corn planted in a natural village has different row spacing. Therefore, the corn combine harvester with the hunting function is one of the users’ choices.

2. My country’s corn planting areas are long and scattered, and the natural conditions are very different, resulting in different corn varieties and different planting agronomy. Therefore, the growth and yield of corn are different, and they are obviously divided into different regions with two crops in one year and one crop in one year. Two crops a year, low yield, short plants, small ears, and thin straws, one crop a year, high yields, tall plants, large ears, thick straws, and most of the planting is ridge cultivation. In this way, you need to consider the height of the picking platform Adjustable method and convenience, the design strength of the plucking table and the strength of materials, the model with reliable manufacturing strength, and requirements for product durability.

3. In the area with two crops a year, the winter wheat is planted in time during the three autumn seasons. Most of the corn is harvested when the straw is green and the grain is ripe. In this way, both the corn broken stem rate and the trash removal rate are very low, and there is no need to consider installing and using a trash removal device. In one crop area a year, when the corn is harvested, the corn is fully mature, the ears are drooping, the stalks are yellow and the leaves are dry and brittle, the rate of broken stems is high, and the miscellaneous leaves in the ear box are seriously entrained. Choose a corn harvester with the function of cleaning and removing impurities.

4. The current farming-to-household management system in rural my country. The land is divided for planting. Generally, the plot area is small, the auxiliary road in the field is narrow, and it is difficult to enter the land. When using mechanized harvesting of corn, choose the wrong way to harvest and The tractor-mounted corn harvester model that enters the field at any position in the field and cuts the auxiliary operation channel by itself is very critical. At present, most of the models that can be selected are tractor mounted corn harvesters. If you want to realize the self-opening harvesting channel, you must choose a model whose width is greater than or equal to the width of the tractor. First, it can reduce the labor intensity of manually opening auxiliary operation channels; second, it can improve work efficiency.

Third, investment efficiency is an important basis for choosing models
At present, my country’s tractor-mounted corn harvester is mainly divided into self-propelled, suspended, towed, and wheat harvesters to replace corn pickers. Self-propelled automation has a high degree of automation, high requirements for the quality of the operator, more expensive, more failure rate, difficult maintenance, high cost, and long payback period. The traction type has a long unit and is side traction. The width of the machine body is large, and the road cannot be cleared by itself. The replacement of the corn picker for the wheat harvester is a new plan that has been studied in the past one or two years. It will take time to mature and should not be purchased too early. Considering the needs of major corn-producing areas in my country, the distribution of corn planting area and variety proportions, agronomic requirements and labor resource cost matching, the necessity and urgency of the application of mechanized corn harvesting technology, the level of regional mechanized equipment, the comprehensive purchasing power of users, etc., Investment efficiency (recovery of investment time) is an important basis for users to choose corn combine harvester models. At present, it is advisable to choose a suspended corn combine harvester.

Tractor mounted corn harvester model is composed of two parts: tractor and harvesting equipment. The existing tractor can be used as the main engine of power. The one-time investment is relatively small. Even if the main engine and equipment are merged, it can achieve multiple uses and annual income Also very impressive.

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