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Warm tips of dough mixer machine


Dough mixer machine design is meeting the requirements which call for environmental protection and energy-saving. Our mixer has a variable high mixing speed and a specially designed bow and agitator to achieve better mixing results. You can get 0 to 1000 rotations per min so as to meet different usage, such as whisking the milk, eggs, flour, etc.

Our products have double overload protection: one is to keep the current from being too large, the other is to keep the motor from overheating. Its surface is specially handled by stainless steel, durable and brilliant, and it is easy for cleaning. It has also passed the reliable and safe test before right on your hands.

Dough mixer machine can stop water and dust from entering the machine. It can stop the operator’s hand from being hurt. Unique patented appearance.

Advantage of dough mixer machine

1.The heavy duty dough mixer machine is applicable for mixing wheat flour and highly viscous materials to make dough based on the customer’s requirement.
2.Dough mixer machine is very productive and gives the customer the possibility to make the dough for many different products such as pizza, biscuit, cookie, cake, bread, croissant, chapati, roti, pita, tortilla, spring roll, puff pastry, empanada, dumpling, samosa, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, fried dough stick, poori, pie, wonton, noodle, pasta, snack, and others.
3.It is an ideal machine for the canteen, restaurant, hotel, dining hall of school, kindergarten, factory, frozen food factory, pasta processing unit, authority unit, institution, and military camp, etc.
4.This machine is compact in conformation, beautiful in appearance, high inefficiency.
5.All parts contacted with food are made of 304 stainless steel materials.
6.The stirrer of it can be blade type, paddle type, oval type, etc.

Warm tips of dough mixer machine

1. Keep the machine working in a clean surrounding and clean it regularly.
2. Please don’t let solids mix into the bowl, the machine may be stacked, it is harmful to the machine.
3. Dough mixer machine do not keep the machine working stopless for a long time, let it have a rest.
4. Check the gearbox regularly, if the lubricating oil is not enough, please add it.
5. If the machine can’t work, it is better to let the technician repair it.

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