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Working principle of electric sterilizer machine


Hexie company has created the electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice by learning high technology and its own industry experiences. This tubular sterilizer is widely used for natural fruit juice, fruit pulp, drink, milk, and other liquid products. Sterilization comes for plastic package food extending shelf time via steaming or heated water,
PP/PE soft package, stand pouches food, bottled food, tin canned food, EXAMPLES: mixed congee meat, seafood, beverage, sauce(chili sauce, fruit sauce, potato jam ), tomato ketchup, agriculture seed, etc.

Working principle of electric sterilizer machine

The electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice put the product from a storage tank mounted for the sterilizer into the heat exchanger unit.
Heat the product by superheated water till the sterilizing temp and hold the product under the temp for sterilizing the product, then cool down into filling temperature by cooling water or chilled water.
Before each production shift, sterilize in place the system with aseptic filler together by superheated water.
After each production shift, clean in place the system with aseptic filler together by hot water, alkali liquid, and acid liquid.
An electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice can take a hot process on liquid foods and beverages. Compared to the sterilizer of other models, it has the following characteristics.

Characteristics of electric sterilizer machine

High heat exchange efficiency, 90% of the heat can be recycled after heating the material;
The inside face of the pipe adopts advanced polishing technology, all of the fittings are sanitary type, so to ensure the system aseptically.
All of the elements include pumps, temperature sensors, PLC, valves are using a world-famous brand so that to ensure the stability of the system.
Auto PLC control system: auto control the liquid flowrate, sterilization temperature, sterilization time, auto cleaning system and it has an alarm system and record system.
CIP cleaning system: Auto CIP cleaning system, no dead angle.

Advantage of electric sterilizer machine

1.Atomized sterilizing water can enlarge the heat exchange area to reach efficient heat-exchange. This retort sterilizer can spray water and rotary to avoid precipitating.
2.Steam and atomized sterilizing water will directly exchange the heat in the retort sterilizer. Steam heat can be 100% used, saved heat energy, and gained the maximum energy utilization.
3.In order to set temperature, a small amount of circulating water will be quickly circulated in the well-distributed water temperature.
4.Sterilizing water is sprayed and rotary at different angles creating high-temperature airflow inside the autoclave. This can ensure the well-proportioned temperature inside.
5.Electric sterilizer machine for fruit juice controls the sterilizing effects by F-value preset to make sterilizing effects visible and controllable without affected by the rising temperature and size of food, and ensure the sterilizing effects of each batch are uniform so that realize the “commercial sterilization’ for the food industry. It is a vitally important innovation for the canned food industry.

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