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Working principle of tractor electric fertilizer spreader


Tractor electric fertilizer spreader is suitable for 20-100 horsepower tractors (the tractor itself is equipped with a battery). The fertilizer spreader is equipped with a fixed screw fixed to the pin position of the front counterweight of the medium and large tractor and then tighten the nut.

Tractor electric fertilizer spreader is mainly composed of fertilizer box, fertilizer box frame, tractor hook device, fertilizer amount adjustment device, spreading gear plate, spreading gear plate drive DC motor, DC motor speed regulator, etc. The DC motor is powered by the tractor battery, and the spreading gear plate is driven to rotate by the motor. The fertilizer discharged from the bottom of the fertilizer box falls freely into the spreading gear plate. Under the action of the high-speed rotation of the gear plate, the fertilizer is tangentially thrown from the gear plate to complete the fertilizer spreading. During the process, the spreading width can be adjusted.

Tractor electric fertilizer spreader is simple to use and can make your spreading operations in the field fast and even. The equipment is more than 50 times that of manual operation, which reduces the labor intensity of manual throwing. In addition to saving working time, the uniform throwing effect can also bring greater output and economic benefits.

Working principle of tractor electric fertilizer spreader

Tractor electric fertilizer spreader is a new type of agricultural machinery that uses a tractor as the power to throw the fermented manure (including compost and topping) into the field. The machine uses the tractor as the power output to drive the conveyor chain inside the carriage to automatically transport the fertilizer backward. The fertilizer is broken and evenly thrown back to the field through the high-speed rotating scattering wheel. To achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of fertilization, reducing labor intensity, and improving soil structure.
Tractor electric fertilizer spreader installation conditions
Tractors or any agricultural vehicles and transport vehicles equipped with 12-volt batteries can be used. (Small four-wheelers, agricultural tricycles, large tractors, etc.). The adjustment handle of the electric fertilizer thrower can freely adjust the amount of seed and fertilizer toss; the machine is equipped with an adjustment switch to adjust the throwing width at will.

Advantages of tractor electric fertilizer spreader

1. Tractor electric fertilizer spreader has the characteristics of good maneuverability, simple structure, convenient operation, uniform spreading, and high working efficiency.
2. Tires: 23.1-26 tires are used, which are simple in structure, easy to maintain, and durable.
3. Italy Adil axle: higher and safer coefficient, higher durability, less maintenance, better braking performance, more sensitive automatic steering system.
4. Rotating shaft: Tractor electric fertilizer spreader is equipped with smashing wheels on the rotating shaft, which are distributed in a stepped manner, making the smashing more even. The built-in reducer has an overload protection function, which can reduce the damage of the transmission.
5. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic motor power push method is more powerful, and the conveying chain push can make it more stable, faster, durable, and low failure rate.
6. Ram: There is a ramp at the top of the rear of the car body, which can effectively control the amount of fertilizer thrown.
7. Guardrail: Guardrail panels can be added on both sides of the car body to expand the capacity of the car body and increase the loading capacity to more than 15%.

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